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  1. trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty số điện thoại tư vấn luật http://luatngogia.net/ w http://tuvanphapluattructuyen.com/ nhac san cuc manh tòa đều trải qua Hoa Thiên Đô nhiều lần tế luyện, được đặt trên Thiên Đô Phong, hợp làm một với địa mạch của Thiên Đô Phong, muốn mạnh mẽ thu lấy tòa chín tòa đại kim tháp này, quả thực là chuyện không thể, trừ phi di động cả khối đất đai lớn phía dưới.

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  2. Right time to sell the Storm - SOLD 96 Classic Green Storm 56,000 Miles 2 Previous owners before me Serviced and MOT last week VW and stealth mostly Service history Mot's since 1999 Mods: Lowered 40mm on Weitec springs but have the original shocks and springs if wanted. BBS RC 16' Alloys (Do have original Solitudes but they need a refurb) Air Filter Stainless Exhaust Had an engine chipped taking it up a few BHP was 204BHP at one point I think, guys at Stealth say it still shifts better than the others they get to drive. Personalized plate. Uprated front brake discs. Condition: Bodywork Is great other than some chips to the front (one large) and small patch of rust under wheel arch where tyre has rubbed bit of paint off but not a problem. No parking dents. Cream Leather Is really really nice, back seats have probably only been sat in about 10times. Only bit of wear is drivers seat really, bit of light cracking to the side of the drivers seat. Don't think you'd find much better. Cream carpet is really nice and clean. Cracked headlight switch but fully working. All electrics work as. Complete with First Aid kit and Warning triangle etc. Rubber Seals are all really good. Toad Alarm and immobiliser - Siren has stopped working, looked and can be replace for not much. Tracker- Think it should be transferable lifetime membership. I think that is most points but will add anything else I can think of. SOLD This Is a sound car, looks amazing and drives amazing. I don't think there is much better out there. The paint is like glass, glossy and dark. Been Garaged it's whole life. Stunning looking car.. I don't want to sell. Sounds amazing. Had it for 7 or 8 years, in that time i've put about 6-7 thousand miles on it. Looking for a quick sale. If you want a Classic green Storm, this is it.
  3. Thanks, i'll look at this today. Thinking about getting this battery cut off: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_795171_langId_-1_categoryId_255205#tab2 Anyone used it before or know where would be best to put it, don't really want to go messing around with the dash, can it be mounted in the engine bay? Also does anyone know of good trickle chargers, halfords don't seem to do any? but found some cheap silverline ones for £4.99 but im guessing they're a bit crappy.
  4. Excellent stuff guys, this is really helping thanks. Right definatly got an idea of what im doing now, but have a few questions. If possible could you explain how to disconnect the ignition? I can probably do it i just don't have much know how on where to start. I can get someone to turn it over or start it up every couple of weeks, but do you mean just to get the pistons turning and not actually have the engine running? Is it worth using a fuel addative or similar, if you know of any products? I read somewhere that you should keep the fuel tank full, so i'll prob do that. Im really a bit tight for cash at the moment so really don't want to change the oil and filters, the oil is only 6months old and not had many miles though that probably doesn't make a difference. If i need to leave the car off the road for the whole of the winter i will probably get them changed. I'll have to get a trickle charger as if i have someone turning it over it's a bit much to get them to recconect the battery each time. Well the work starts tomorrow with a good clay and clean. Thanks all.
  5. Right thanks for all the suggestions, some good tips there i will use. The garage it's going to be in is relativly dry throughout the summer so it should be ok untill October. It does get damp during the winter though but at the moment there is nothing i can really do to seal the garage up. The trouble is im not actually going to be able to do anything to the car as im going to be away. I will look into getting a dehumidifier and possibly some axel stands, unless i could use bricks and a blocks of timber as a cheap option? The annoying thing is im unsure of how long it will have it off the road for, it will definatly be at least 4months and then after that i will know wether it will be longer or not. I was thinking i'd have to go down the road of draining all the oil and other fluids, if its longer than 6months maybe i need to consider things like this? Sure i'll have some more questions, i will be starting it all on thursday. Thansk for all your input so far and feel free to add some more sugestions.
  6. Hi all, not used the forum in ages but needed to ask for some peoples advice on this. Basically im having to take my car off the road for 6months to a year. So i was wondering if anyone could actually tell me what the best thing to do with the car is. The car will be kept in a garage but i really want to make sure i do everything right to keep it in good condition. Really gutted as i've just taken it out and it was running so nice, im having nightmares about what will happen to it over the next year. So if you have some ideas please share, thanks very much. James.
  7. I got it too shut up by putting the keys in and turning the ignition on but when i pull them out its back to sounding off. And not in the normal way. I think its charging but i cant leave the keys in all night.
  8. right i have just been out to put the battery on charge as it had gone completely flat. So after struggling my way in through the boot i good it all plugged in and tunred the power on only to have the alarm making noises and i cant deativate it.. If you press the remote it just stops and starts again. Anyone got any ideas as i really dont want that sounding off all night. Will it go off after 10 minutes or so ? thanks.
  9. I have A TRACKER system fitted to mine.. Although i havnt had the chance to use it yet they seem really good. I think there quite a big company. Costs around £900 i think the guy said. But there is no subscriptions or anything. Although i didnt get any reduction in my premium and i am with flux. Still it really does give you more piece of mind that if you woke up and the car was gone.. you may get it back.
  10. JimSTORM

    VR Problem

    Great. lol Cheers, ill get someone to have a look at it. Thanks
  11. JimSTORM

    VR Problem

    That sounds like it could be the problem. What could have caused it to bind suddenley? Nothing has been done to it or could it have been a large pot hole or something similar?
  12. JimSTORM

    VR Problem

    I took my Vr6 out the other night for a drive, everything seemed to be normal until after about 30 mins the ride started to get incredibly bumpy. I thought i may have even got a flat as it was affecting the steering and felt really lumpy. I stopped and had a look, i couldnt see any problems but their was an immense amount of heat coming from around the front driver side wheel. The wheel was actually red hot! I really dont no what is up with it and dont know wether it is ok to drive it. Anyone have any ideas ? As im clueless and want to sort. Thanks James.
  13. How long would it take for an engine to become siezed? I left mine for about a month and seemed to have some trouble starting it. Got it going but it went with a bit of a bang..
  14. My storm hit 50,000 the other week :( It feels really high now its not in the fortys.
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