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  1. Mic, Your last post is the key for me. Like most people, I have a lot of mates that have trades, most have their own business and while they appear to be doing well, I cant help notice the physical toll it is now taking on them. (All in our mid forties now.) Most now have guys working for them and dip in and out. If it is a full on trade rather than a handyman, then that as your dad said, is a tough game as you get older. If it is working for yourself that is the main drive, why not use your accountancy to set something up, either in an advice service capacity or doing stuff for local business etc. That way you can work from home, and at your leisure, as and when funds require. I am sure whatever you do, as long as you give it your best shot you will never know unless you try. If you have financial security just now though, it will make it all the more difficult to take any risk. Best of luck, if you do take up a trade, for gods sake post through any quotes timeously...bl00dy impossible trying to get a quote from any my lot for an extension were looking to do!! Dougie
  2. I find it more funny that having discovered time travel, the first thing you want to do is swear at someone then break a leg lol!!!
  3. Can only agree with everything that's been said already. The heart/head battle should be made easier these days as financially, these are only going up. Maybe not to the extent we have seen on some cars for sale, but certainly I don't think 10K is going to be an unreasonable level for "good" cars. Forgetting the show room queens. So, you can convince your head that it makes financial sense to hold on to it, plus the heart is kept happy, simples! But a cracking looking car none the less. Dougie
  4. Does the information Commissioner oversee CCTV in England as well? All CCTV that overlooks public areas needs to be registered with them IIRC
  5. Sorry to see that, and as you say p1ss poor timing for you. It may be the pictures, but the damage to the door is really weird to my untrained eye,doesn't seem to match with somebody side swiping going down the road. It looks more like someone reversing straight back into it, if that makes sense?? It doesn't change the outcome though and I hope it gets sorted out for you. Best of luck
  6. After the resto? :thumbleft: But well done for restoring another example for posterity
  7. Haha, well concentrate on that just now and post again when your day is less hectic, lol
  8. Taxed and Mot'd according to DVLA
  9. Yes, well done. Don't worry, if you do want her back, I am sure the dealer will have it for sale for 6.5k very soon!
  10. Ban EJ for using the words "willy" and "pussy" in the same sentence!
  11. Nice choice on the Delta, some of the prices of the cars at the auction are incredible. Cant help thinking that with the historic value of cars with a rally pedigree, two door sonic blue Imprezas will be good investments. (P1's, 22b's, Sti5 etc) Once the Chav element version of the GC8's disappear, the prices will go up, in my opinion. Coupled with the fact its a great car if I had cash to invest in a car long term, I think that's where I would be putting my money. I seem to recall that the American market has now opened up to JDM cars and they have been snapping up old skylines and evo's at some rate. I know people have been talking about a price crash for some time, but I cant help thinking that some reduction in the market is coming. But good luck, and if you get anything please post some pictures up here. Dougie
  12. Ooooffftttt, I take that back after looking at the catalogue, theres no 2.0Gl Ford Mondeos in there is there?! If your buying, I have a strange attraction to that custom Cadillac called "cad attack" Enjoy the sale Dougie
  13. Sit on your hands, don't scratch your nose, buy a pup and spend the next few years convincing the wife its "an investment" Hope this helps!
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