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  2. The main thing I miss about my VR is the engine note, so if you do change make sure it's at least a 5 pot - although many modern V6s don't sound as good as the VR though. How much can you pick up an Alfa 147 V6 for nowadays? Probably over your budget I'd guess.
  3. I love these cars, they hold their value very well as there were only about 225 RHD official UK cars athough there were more imports. I was under the impression that you can get hold of a good one for under £20k now though values may have gone up again. I'll always remember the headline on the front of Autocar when they tested this beast - 0-30mph was quicker than the McLaren F1!! :nuts: EDIT: Actually looked at the link now and understand the pricing due to mileage!
  4. Very nice indeed, especially with that mileage. About the colour - I never set off looking for sherry pearl but it grew on me a lot after seeing it in the sun after a wash. I'm not a fan of the wheels though - IMHO of course.
  5. Not overly quick?! They are seriously rapid unless you have major mods under your bonnet marcus? They're quicker than an E46 M3 - the later ones had a slightly detuned version of the same car's engine - power difference was due to space restrictions with the exhaust IIRC.
  6. I had one for a day when my S3 went in for a replacement lambda probe (at under 2000 miles :shock: ) and it was an awesome car, loved every minute of driving it.
  7. Great car Andi, sounds much more different to a V8 than I expected and manuals are also rather rare. A real sleeper though and great for surprising those that don't know the car. 8)
  8. Liking that very much! I hope you stick with those wheels as they are automotive art.
  9. No I didn't Jon, someone there failed to return my emails! I have heard Macc Audi give much better service so will probably service it there.
  10. Another photo after a full wash, sealed the paintwork and then a layer of wax.
  11. Andy you lucky barsteward, I thought that although the engines in the R8 and RS4 are identical, the one in the R8 is in a lower state of tune in terms of bhp but possibly higher in terms of torque? EDIT: Think I confused the R8's engine with the S5!!!
  12. Having had it a week now I can safely say the Autocar review of it is very accurate, other reviewers weren't quite so impressed. Great fun around roundabouts and although it isn't maybe different enough looking to an S-Line A3 it certainly has heads turning - maybe it's the colour :D
  13. Thanks, its £27k OTR plus extras. Can't wait to get the running in out of the way.
  14. I got mine this week, quick pic in my gallery. Very pleased with it :D
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