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  1. Ha I take it that's sarcasm. Well like I say I am open to offers but I've seen Cs in the classifieds which I think are in worse condition and priced roughly the same as what I'd be looking for. Got all the paperwork and everything for it soo.
  2. Yeah, unfortunately. I can't post in the classifieds though, did try resolving with Jim but havent heard anything so up it comes on here heh
  3. Yes I am capable of using Google, just their might of been something more useful than that. I am not the most competent with car mechanic soo .... risky manouevre ;) Thanks anyway.
  4. Any tips on removing the slam panel, a link maybe?
  5. Hey guys, I've just gone to throw some new H4s in as my offside light seems to be dimmer. My nearside top bolts are bearable and come off but the one lower in the slam panel and the complete set of offside bolts are rusted/rounded/screwed(no pun intended) Any ideas on the best way to remove these and where to get replacement in the UK? Had thought of chiselling the top and using a flathead?
  6. For some odd reason I can't post in the classifieds. I don't understand the vr6 comments so I guess I did something stupid :/
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