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  1. Unplugging the oxygen sensor made no difference. I´m waiting for a new genuine one, but not very confident. The spark plugs are very black (powdered), the exhaust is also very black and spits dirty liquid. I´ve checked and re-done all the grounds on the engine bay and have also cleaned all electrical contacts and plugs, no difference at all. Also replaced the ECU vaccum hose and checked for possible leaks. I´m almost running out of ideas... I can´t believe the ECU is fried (I heard it somewere). Getting Corrado parts here in Portugal is a pain. I usually buy second hand parts from Germany. The car has no power at all, not even enough to park. The engine dies about 2 minutes after starting. Meanwhile supercharger has been serviced and doing 11psi on a stock pulley. What a nightmare! :(
  2. I replaced with 3.2mm and works fine. You can trim the hose to the right size if you use some maths in order to calculate the exact volume vs. lenght and diameter.
  3. Hi Chris! My 1992 G60 is doing exactly as yours. I've tried the same checks, and no luck. Did you get sorted with a new oxygen sensor? They're quite expensive and I'd like to hear from you. Cheers in advance! Miguel
  4. Hi mate! I am having the same issues on my 92 G60. How did you get sorted? Cheers in advance! Miguel
  5. trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty số điện thoại tư vấn luật http://luatngogia.net/ w http://tuvanphapluattructuyen.com/ nhac san cuc manh giới.

    Đạo khí có được Thuần Dương khí, tựa như con người được phục dụng đan dược, hung hãn không thể tưởng tượng.

    Tuy trong lòng có thể nắm chắc đánh bại Như Ý Tử, thế nhưng qua một đòn đánh thử kia, chính mình chỉ sợ cũng phải trả một cái giá lớn, hơn nữa không phải là chuyện tình chỉ trong chốc lát.

    "Lợi hại! Thuấn sát đều không thể làm gì được kẻ này!"

    "Tu vi của kẻ này thật khủng khiếp! Thọ nguyên chỉ sợ vô hạn gần tới vạn năm. Chúng ta cũng không có tu thành nửa cái Bất Tử Chi Thân, nhưng hắn làm cách nào tu luyện thành công vậy?"

    "Như Ý Tử dùng thuấn sát lại không có đánh lén thành

  6. I would check the fuel pump pressure (4bar). Also the dizzy cap (clean contacts and rotor). Maybe some STP brand injector cleaning fluid mixed with the petrol (read the label on bottle) will help for sure! Keep posting!
  7. I guess the car is missing the middle exhaust to keep some compression... I know that it
  8. kongo127

    kangaroo G60

    I had a similar problem some years ago. I was adivised to clean up the fuel injectors, i didn
  9. Here are some pictures of the Corrado
  10. Yeah! I got really impressed too. :shock: I was only 12 years old when the Corrado came out. :lol: So i guess this is the nearest sensation to have bought such a lovely car like this one in the stand! :D I don´t understand German that much, so i used BabelFish service to help me. This is the direct translation: Absolute rare piece, singular collecting tank and piece of lover when new!! From 1. Hand (only 1 entry i. orig. 1.Fzg.-Brief), previous owner Jahrg. 1924, Fzg. were logged out never, always stood in drier, ventilated and heated garage, car are optically, technical and from the smell inside as during new distribution, Fzg. have perfect configuration, everything in addition, real everything as with new purchase also thereby (all keys with code trailer, code map, Scheckh, all vouchers, etc.), which original new vehicle calculation ith H.v. 52,152.00 lie also still forwards, the car are neither verunfallt, nor scratched, nor after-painted, it is simply nothing in addition, nothing at all badly to it! Extra: 63AH-Batterie, Casettenablage, EDS, Metallic, leather equipment, steering column elevatoradjustable, 4 BBS of LM wheels (new tires!), , disk wash nozzles, sliding issuing roof electrical, front seat/heatable, heated wheel safety devices 90A-Generator, first aid box/warning triangle, radio/gamma, beyond that the standard extras as elFh., etc.! THIS IS A DREAM TO COME TRUE FOR ONLY £10,000 GBP!!!
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