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  1. Sorry for the late reply mate. yeah i was in derby with my mate who had the leather interior. how things? rado goin aright?
  2. i'm down by tunstall, i got a qoute of around £1600 for a full hit thats including the door n boot reseses but still that isnt really justified
  3. Hi bin really busy and not had time to have a look just yet but thanks for the info much appreciated!! Will let u know what the outcome is when i get chance.
  4. aup D where bwts in stoke u at? what prices av u bin given so far for a full hit? mine nearly ad me in tears lol
  5. Hi, does anyone know what this might be? After running my g60 for a while i've noticed that once i switch the engine off the fan kicks in and wont stop until the batterys dead! but if i switched the ignition back on the fan would go off?? strange:scratch: any help would be much appreciated. jase.
  6. Hi mate where in UK are ya? is it a genuine g60 shell thats for sale still? if so can you send some pics? jase.
  7. Hiya mate is the g60 shell completely rotten or is it still salvagable? as i could do with reshelling mine tbh. if so whats the condition of the paint work etc>? jase.
  8. I rang my local vw dealer and they said they dont do the sealant anymore:shrug:
  9. Hi there is the full black leather interior still for sale? if so how much? including door cards n quarters and the loom with switches for heated seats. jase.
  10. 25 smackers!!! bit on dear side but if its goin to fix the problem then im all for it. cheers monza
  11. alright guys! having a nightmare with all the water gushin in me g60, took door cards off and theres no membranes so ive managed to cut some out of some plastic sheeting, the problem is i cant get it to stick v well to the door i've tried a few diff diy sealants includin no mre nails lol stilll no joy. anyone know of any proper stuff out there????
  12. anyone in the stoke area know of any decent but reasonable priced bodyshops?
  13. Hi i know its a long shot but is the g60 shell still available? as mine is in need of resprayin plus weldin.
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