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  1. hi guys, just have to say on the points that have arisen. I've had a few vr, and at present own a 200k storm, completely original and it is my daily driver. I also agree that it is comfortable fast enough and returns me 33 every day. ive had no problems at all. but do have 20 stamps in the book, and have always replaced anything that needs it. do I value it, yes I do, do I love it,yes I do. but today have had a lightswitch go and agree again 20 years means that it is hard to get some bits.
  2. hi ya on the site is a link stating that you can get it out in 3 from under the passenger side dash, which is what I did, but due to the old matrix(I found out), being the original it was slower as all the bolts in the bay and on the electric units where either corroded or hard to find. but so pleased its done. and as long as it goes back together the same way it all works
  3. well all good, all back together and can confirm only need to take out from under dash, but hated cheap replacement as the hoses were different so bought genuine, and drivers side absolutely soaked with the water, so now know it was that, very pleased, took my time over 4 days. but pleased all done, even put new felt in box and cleaned all the dust out how sad... so only now driving with no carpet etc in drivers side, all drying..
  4. having replaced the hoses radiator, water pumps etc, thought id better do the heater matix. car has done best part of 200k, still fabulous, love her and forgive her any issues... having done a couple of golfs, knew what I was getting in to, but though after reading all the links on here and many other sites, decided I would do the three hour method!!! WELL after three days of on and off work in the garage, I have it out, and have found that the original one is perfect!!! still no harm in replacing this.. as I still have water in the back of the seat well behind me. my other half, explained is it just the water pipe from the rear window wiper... I hate it when they are right will post some pics of her in 100 pieces. this is just to amuse those that read it...
  5. well that was successful, both my cars, but not the write one. sorry guys try again
  6. well new here not sure what to put so just say hi, live Norfolk have several old cars and wanted a storm for years. so bought her about two years ago and is my daily driver.
  7. hi all just to throw a spanner in the works, my storm is registered as astorm on the log book too. and totally standard. love her chris
  8. well done mate look forward to seeing it on my travels, chris vr6 storm cex832
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