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  1. Hi dave are you still doing remaps

  2. Paypal friends to [email protected]




  3. OK how do I pay

  4. Hi,


    Sounds like kit A to me, see here - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?72529-Stainless-Steel-Front-(slam)-Panel-and-Headlight-Screw-Kit-others&highlight=stainless+screws


    £5.50 posted.



  5. Hi dave I'm after the for visible screws for the headlights and clips that hold them to slam panel how much


  6. Thanks for the reply I can't use my old circuit board as that was the reason I had to swap the Rev and speedo clock/mfa and mileage all stopped displaying but still lit up and fuel and water temp still worked in even tried taking the connection of the old board and soldered it to new but didn't work still counted up to 99.9 and made my abs light stay on permanently so unplugged
  7. Hi I have a small problem with my clock swap any one know how to get the mpg to work on the newer clocks there the 1s with the red needles and corrado logo nothing to fit the vacuum hose the old with the vacuum hose fitting on the back not the end of the world but like to have it working if I can
  8. You could try it on the clocks you have swapping it from your working clocks to your non working ebay item number 141826664178 just so you can see the part I'm on about
  9. My rings are in need of replacing whats the size
  10. There is a voltage regulator on ebay repair kit for corrado instrument cluster might try it for the sake of £7
  11. Ok thanks for your help guess it's a set of new clocks then I have just striped them down and heated the circuit board with heat gun just on the off chance some joints had cracked but still no good did you have exactly same symptoms fuel and water temp still working as the dash lights but speedo rev and digital displays not
  12. Really is was thinking maybe a break in the brown and white wire to the earth at the side of the head well that was what I was going to look at tomorrow after some of the things I have been reading today
  13. Hi all all clocks and digital displays have stopped working but fuel and temp still work and all still light up when light switch turned on so I have no speedo no revs counter no mileage no clock/mfa they day it happened I cleaned the earth connections to battery and positives to battery and was fine on way to work and then halfway home from work they packed up I have checked all fuses and are fine its a 1993 2.0 16v 9a I have also had the clocks out to check plug was not loose but still the same Any help appreciated
  14. Thanks guys i thought i might just try my luck on here in case someone had a pair sitting in the shed collecting dust after buying and never getting round to fitting but they are better price than i had found so thanks again
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