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  1. Sold to a guy called Ben who lives in Hull and works in Essex so it could be seen driving around any of those places in the near future! Not sure if he is a forum member, I think he might be, so it could be back on here soon too!
  2. It's gone! Sob sob sob. That was my most brief car ownership ever! Oh well, as a friend of mine said on hearing I had made the very difficult decision to sell it "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"! cheers all Sam
  3. Ok mate, get in touch if you have any joy.
  4. Pretty moody far I'm afraid - Devon! ---------- Post added at 1:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 1:55 AM ---------- Ha ha, that was supposed to be "pretty bloody far" serves me right for using a stupid iPhone with predictive text!
  5. Need to get to work in a hurry!?!? ;)
  6. GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED!!!!! After barely a week of owning this amazing car I am going to have to sell it! With scarcely believable bad timing I have been offered a chance to work abroad for two years so I'm going to struggle justifying holding on to this car. If anyone is interested in a bargain get in touch, I'm not looking to make a profit on this car (even though I think I prob could as it's amazing and I got it for what I think was a total steal especially as there is a vr6 turbo LHD on piston heads right now with the same milage and spec for almost £10k!!!) I would be happy to get £5000 for mine which I think is quite fair seeing as I have put it through an MOT and got an all seasons car cover for it and a genuine corrado steering wheel which will all go with it. I will be advertising it soon but if any corrado forum members want first dibs on it get in touch Cheers all Sam (one very gutted forum member)
  7. Thanks very much guys, I drove it back from the midlands to Devon the other day and it seems to drive very well, the road was a bit wet and this was certainly noticeable in the early gears if I was too heavy with the right foot but from 3rd onwards it was very stable and controlled when I put my foot down, even in the wet! I knew it would be quick but holy **** How quick! (yes C5OEM, a spare pare of underpants really would have been a good idea!) now I've had a good close look at it I can say it really is one very very well looked after car, there is one tiny blemish of rust on the front wing which I'm going to get sorted but other than that its very clean. The interior is immaculate and (as far as I can tell) the engine and running gear is all superb. All in all I'm very happy with it and looking forward to getting out for some fun miles I'll get some good pics up as soon as the weather improves Cheers all
  8. Will do mate, Thanks for the welcome.
  9. It most definitely will, I'm collecting it tmrw! Already cleared the garage ready to keep it somewhere nice and dry. I feel like one lucky git getting a car like that for that price, looks like a real beauty and Dan (the owner) sounds like a top bloke from the conversations we have had. just hope my driving skills are up to the job! Cheers all Sam
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