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  1. Hi, I'm interested to see if there are any Corrado forum contributors in the Torbay area??!! If this is you please reply. Steve
  2. Hi, do you still have the clocks? If you do please pm me so we can sort out payment. Thanks Steve
  3. Hi Rod yes I would like the middle and back boxes if they are good, the set of clocks (speedo etc) thats all I can think of at the mo, so please let me know how to pay and how much and we can go from there. I'm sure I'll want more bits so I'll keep in touch. Thanks Steve
  4. Thanks again for your willingness to help!! Grim1 I wish you weren't in Warwickshire as I'd love you to help!!!! It looks like my car could have the same mistake with the paint code as the one in your link owen g60 my car is definitely a sort of purple colour and the paint albeit pretty bad is mostly original so I guess I should forget the code and try and find out the colour from VW. I don't have the service book I'm afraid. Thanks again Steve
  5. thanks guys, the paint code i have is wrong! I think the code I'm looking for has been rubbed off the sticker in the boot my car is purple on the log book, where else can I find the paint code? Thanks again for your help Steve
  6. Rod, I'm in torquay so I guess it's a post job please Steve
  7. steve16

    Paint Codes

    I have a 1990 16v, it has the original sticker in the boot and it has paint code LB5V which I believe is Kemeton Blue?? Does any one know what colour this is as my car has Purple on the log book! Steve
  8. Rod if you can let me know how much you want for the matrix, the clocks, back box et al and let me know how to pay you that would be great! Thanks Steve
  9. Hi I would like the clocks/speedo if possible as long as they are NOT digital. I also need the plastic that covers the wiper motor along the scuttle. Do you have the back box? Please get in touch and we can sort a price and you can let me know how I can pay you. Thanks Steve
  10. heater matrix, exhaust back box, help with sunroof? also paint code LB5V apparently Kometen Blue? Doesn't seem to be readily available? Wiring for radiator fan ( mine is wired to the wiper motor and goes all the time! It had a new sender but had a different connector! Hope someone can help! :cheers:Steve
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