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  1. Thanks, As you can see in the one picture my tech is sleeping on the job. Things I would like to do: Fix dash lights,,get paint polished (bird crap burned in),,new wheels and tires (bad rash on wheels and welds),,new VW emblem front and back,, coilover (wish list),,spacers on the back,, need red VR6 for front grill (maybe grill also),, the C is missing from SLC on rear, maybe tint (need to see more pictures), A/C needs a charge.....for now!! The wheels are 18", thinking about 17" instead, if I do coilovers will it rub? Got a high beam out, think that is just a bulb.
  2. test. trying to put up som pics!
  3. Hello, my name is Scott and I live in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I bought my first Corrado 92' SLC a couple of weeks ago. Lots of fun to drive So far my only problem is the dash lights don't work. Didn't look when I bought it and it would not of stopped me from buying. So the dash lights are on the same fuse #3 (10amp) as the plate light in the back. I put in a fuse and the plate light worked, when I turned the dash light dim dial it pops the fuse everytime. So I ordered a new light switch from 8vMatt from his group buy. When I got the switch, which is very nice and of good quality, I fitted it in and bingo I had sweet dash lights. I was so thrilled "sorted" my first problem. Well went out last night to take the wife and daughter for a ride and no dash lights. Changed the fuse and blowes it. The only difference is that the car was running when I flipped the switch. Any helpful hints would be great. Thanks in advance, and I love this forum. I will try to get some pictures of the new ride soon. Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks for the reply. Pulled the switch out today and cleaned the leads and put it back, popped the fuse. Like to get one from you. Let me know what to do.
  5. Hi Matt- Just got my 1st Corrado last Saturday. Live in Alabama, USA. Seems the only problem I have found is my dash lights and plate light don't work. Pulled fuse #3 (10 amp) and it was blown. replaced and plate light came on, but no dash lights. I moved the little roller up and heard the fuse pop. Did it again, same result. Put another new one in and haven't moved the dial, so plate light works, is the Light switch you are getting the fix to this problem? Thanks in advance. How much is it in dollars? Can you send to the US if you have any left? Car Manufactor date on the door is 2/92. New to forum so might take a minute to figure out PM (privat Message?) Thanks, Scott
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