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  1. http://biareview.com/ http://anztheme.com/ dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán trung tâm kế toán đạt tới ma đế đỉnh phong, chắc hẳn là có thể đối chiến với cường giả quốc độ cấp."

    Augustine Las kinh hãi. Ánh mắt hắn trợn tròn như nói không thể nào tin nổi chuyện này. Cái tên nhân loại này căn bản là không mắc tệ nạn phổ thông của những tên có được truyền thừa, ai ngờ hắn lại có thể chiến đấu vượt cấp! Cứ tính theo tốc độ thế này, nếu thực cho hắn bảy mươi năm trưởng thành thì chính mình đến lúc đó sẽ không phải là đối thủ của hắn nữa. Nghĩ tới đây, trong mắt của Augustine Las không khỏi lóe lên sát cơ.

    Lại nghe Pagliuca nói tiếp: "Tên nhân loại này không chỉ có thực lực biến thái mà cò

  2. Put some non specific Corrado items on eBay if anyone is interested... LINK: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/b5vwc/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 DAKOTA DIGITAL 2-1/16" BOOST GAUGE : SLX-09-4 Turbo Supercharger Black PSI Dakota Digital Odyssey Solarix Digital Gauges SLX-10-2 Fuel Pressure PSI Dakota Digital Odyssey Solarix Digital Gauges SLX-05-1 Voltmeter PLX Devices M300 Air Fuel Ratio AFR M-Series Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller Panasonic CQ-C9901N WMA MP3 CD Player 512 Color OEL Display 4 x 70w SQ9 Vibe SE K Series 50 Component 5.25” Speakers 90w RMS VW Corrado fitment JBL Subwoofer P1020e Power Series 1600 Watt in Carpeted Box Kenwood Stereo Mono 2 Channel Amplifier KAC-7251 800w Max 460w RMS Bridged Kenwood Stereo 4 Channel Amplifier KAC-8401 640w Max or 180w / 90w / 60w RMS SUPERCHARGER TURBO PIPEWORK SILICON HOSES ALLOY JOINERS INOX T-BOLT SUPER CLAMPS Optima Red Top Battery RTS 4.2 Deep Cycle Sealed Maintenance Free Reliable Start Alloy Battery Bracket Base Tray Clamp custom installs boot relocation Optima   Universal Washer Bottle Racing Performance limited space fitment Demon Tweeks
  3. Not sure if Dil wants the exhaust or not as not heard back so this is still for sale, £240 collected or £255 posted.
  4. Dubpower 6 Branch sold Techtonics Exhaust still available - £255 inc delivery which is near half the price of a new one shipped from the states inc vat/taxes See page one for pics - fits perfect, very light but well made and not loud or boomy
  5. The 6 Branch has the Cat Adapter its basically the top one for sale here: http://dubpower.co.uk/Exhaust%20manifolds.htm The Exhaust pipe is 2.5" so you probably need a sleeve or reducer pipe to join it to the oem Cat like the one in this jetex kit: http://www.jetex.co.uk/website/images/catalogues/exhausts/26-h7rlarge.jpg
  6. Exhaust was connected to a Dubpower Decat which then has the brackets mate it up to the 6 Branch - but I have sold the decat already
  7. TECHTONICS TUNING 2.5” EXHAUST SYSTEM £255.00 INC DELIVERY Techtonics 2.5” Exhaust with 1x Borla Silencer near tailpipe 3x Hangar Clamps + Additional Clamp Lightweight 100% stainless steel mandrel bent system True 2.5” all through the system Fits like OE as seperate hangars allow for better adjustments over axel and centering Not loud or boomy sounds awesome on throttle and gets better through rev range PARTS REAR AXLE CLEARANCE TAILPIPE New Prices & Details: Would cost well over £400 from the states with shipping/vat/taxes http://techtonicstuning.com/main/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_138_139_301&products_id=664 DUBPOWER 6 BRANCH MANIFOLD £160.00 304 Stainless Steel Fully Wrapped using supplied heat wrap materials and stainless clips BEFORE WRAPPING WRAPPED WRAPPED New Prices & Details: http://www.dubpower.co.uk/Exhaust%20manifolds.HTM
  8. Gearbox sold tonight thanks JSC999 Sorry mate Head sold last week ~ Just have Vibratechnics Mounts left now
  9. Just have the following performance parts leftover now see page 1 for more details... 02A GEARBOX REBUILT WITH 3.68FD & PELOQUIN LSD £500.00 Original 02A Gearbox Rebuilt by Stealth Racing 3.68 Final Drive installed (snappy acceleration sits in torque rev range) Peloquin Limited Slip Differential with ARP fittings Vibratechnics Front Engine Mount Road - VAG950M £70.00 Vibratechnics Rear Engine Mount Road - VAG885M £40.00 Vibratechnics Gearbox Mount Road - VAG875M £40.00 ...OR TAKE ALL 3 FOR £130.00
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