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    VR6 cams

    I was talking to Bill at SP last week about a set of 263's. I have a friend who lives in the states... They where going to buy them for me and ship them over 'as a gift' as SP don't like sending single orders over to the UK because of the costs. I'd be interested in a set. Do you know how much we're looking at if we order them in a little batch? The biggest issue is the import tax i think! :(
  2. I sold my old G60 back in 2009 and i've wanted to go back ever since! I've got the space for a second car now so i think its something i HAVE to go back to! I have friends who have shares in VR6 / R32 engines and spares as they are into the drag racing scene so hopefully spare parts shouldn't be too much of a problem for me :) Hopefully something pops up so i can get back to it!
  3. I’ve just picked up a VR6 Corrado this evening :-) VERY happy bunny! Please delete this post Thank you. Hi guys, It's been a few years since my last Corrado and now i have the itch to own another! I've been down the G60 route before so now i'm looking for a VR6. Open to all price brackets/conditions etc. Not too worried about poor paint, body, rough runners, projects, MOT failures etc. as i can get hold of a recovery for collection if needed. Only thing on my check list is that is HAS to be a VR6 from factory. And I’m not all that keen on green ones PM or give me a call if you have something of interest Thanks, Ross 07413020780
  4. ** Sorry guys this won't be available until end of feb/early march now as i have had a complete balls up with my insurance ** ** Please delete and i will update new advert in feb **
  5. I've tidied up my RSR outlet with a nice silicone 45 degree bend and i've put a few mikalor clamps on :) WP_000781 by EHZ660, on Flickr Got some H&R adapters :) WP_000792 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000793 by EHZ660, on Flickr
  6. Cheers guys!! :) ---------- Post added at 9:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:51 PM ---------- Yeah the charger is a stg4 rebuild by Jabbasport in Jan this year! Was really intended for my mk1 G60 project but it'll have to wait The guys up jabba are so good! I'm always on the phone to Brian for advise!! Its just nice that they spend a bit of time to talk to you about what they're gonna be doing... what they recommend... what's tried and tested etc!! :) I'll be popping up for a rebuild on the old one next month i guess! The stg4 jabba charger actually makes a completely different noise to the gwerks one i've just took off! Maybee because its brand new, nice and tight and its got the special coating on i guess! :) Its got more of a deep low down raughty groan rather than a squeak like the old one!! And i like it :) Now i'm just running it in for 500 miles :( Sooo new charger on at 141,079 miles :) WP_000760 by EHZ660, on Flickr Gave her a good service before putting the new charger on.... didn't wanna run naffed oil through the new one :) WP_000763 by EHZ660, on Flickr when swapping them over i lost one of the buggering oil banjo bolts!!! But luckily i had a spare :) WP_000745 by EHZ660, on Flickr so my engine bay now looks like this WP_000761 by EHZ660, on Flickr I couldn't resist painting the rocker cover while it was off :) WP_000749 by EHZ660, on Flickr coilovers, anti roll bar links, wishbones, front hub bearings, ball joints, track rod ends, top mounts and NS outer CV joint renewed :) WP_000750 by EHZ660, on Flickr Happy with the result! Off to sts tomorrow to adjust the camber and tracking!! :)
  7. Well as all my parts are now here took the day off work to fit it all!! :) Boxes Boxes Boxes...... WP_000735 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000737 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000738 by EHZ660, on Flickr Strangely i found these in one of the boxes???????? WP_000736 by EHZ660, on Flickr For today this is my office :) WP_000740 by EHZ660, on Flickr It was threatening to rain so i've parked the raddo under a gazebo hahaha WP_000734 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000742 by EHZ660, on Flickr Then chilled out with a can of scrump WP_000741 by EHZ660, on Flickr Its been smoking and using a bit of oil lately so i took the rsr outlet off to find this....... :( WP_000743 by EHZ660, on Flickr But its okayyyy coz i have a spare one which has covered 000.000 miles :) WP_000744 by EHZ660, on Flickr WIll update tomorrow with more pics :)
  8. I'll send ya the exact link buddy ;) ---------- Post added at 9:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 9:30 PM ---------- Sorry mate.... Was replying on my phone and didn't spot that! Yeh that's the exact one I ordered! Quick postage too!
  9. New parts ordered for Corrado: -rear wheel bearings -front wheel bearings -rear top mounts -front top mounts -front wishbones -anti roll bar links -ball joints -outer cv joint kit -FK coilovers -sump gasket -rocker cover gasket -cool runnning fan switch -8ltr Castrol engine oil -5ltr Triple QX coolant The adventure begins again :)
  10. Well i parked it in my mates farmyard last night... woke up this morning and the dust had stuck to the car in the fog :( WP_000661 by EHZ660, on Flickr But a nice clean/polish/wax did the job :) WP_000664 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000663 by EHZ660, on Flickr Also fitted new Gooryear Gatorback 1640 belt today!! No more bloomin sqeaks!! boosts a little better too now!! The charger is a Jabbasport stg4 charger but was rebuilt to stg4 back in 2006 (then they grind alot more out for a stg4 now!!) But all the rebuilds since have just been standard rebuilds so its only really had a tickle!! Switched over to the secret MFA this morning, warmed her up and took her for a spin. She reads 2020 on the MFA so roughly 14.5 psi (1.0 bar) which i was happy with and now no belt slip in the higher end that i can tell! :) DEFINITELY recommend these.... WP_000662 by EHZ660, on Flickr
  11. Haha so it's not just me then .... It took me ages to write all that out too!! So if it's all gone missing i'm not writing it again :( Ordered the 1640 Goodyear Gatorback belt for it last night and one for the mk1 too :)
  12. Cheers mate :) It was owned by someone on the forum from bristol before me. Is It just me? I can't see the original thread? Guess it's because i'm new to the forum with few posts and the post is awaiting approval for the first few?
  13. Hi guys, Picked up my first raddo last week :) I don't think this is going to be so much a project build thread more sort of a log of things i'm tinkering about with that i can look back on i guess :) I'm currently building a G60 Mk1 Golf (which is more what i would call a build thread) and i kinda fancied a G60 raddo as an insight into the G60 world :) Here's some info..... Body/Wheels -L041 Schwartz Black Paint (has had a respray at some point and shines pretty nicely) -Later bonnet -Shorter front splitter -3 Slat grille -15" VW Sebrings painted anthracite -195/50/15 Toyo Proxes -Lupo wipers Suspension/Brakes -Koni adjustable damping shocks -Eibach 30mm springs -Drilled front 280mm brakes -Mk4 rear calipers -Stock pads all round Engine/Charger -Stg4 Jabbasport charger -68mm pulley -RSR style outlet -SNS anti-lag chip -K&N panel filter -Mocal oil cooler -Vibratechs front engine mount -Stock exhaust -Stock greentop injectors/3.0 bar fpr -Stock Intercooler Interior/ICE -JVC head unit -JBL door speakers -Infinity Kappa's in stealth shelf -Toad AI606 Alarm -Standard grey cloth interior The spoiler still works as it should (up at 45 / down at 5) The sunroof tilts but unfortunately doesn't slide :( (common fault i hear) Future plans: -New 1640 Belt (Goodyear Gatorback) -Decat pipe -Possibly stainless cat back/manifold -300mm OMP Trecento Uno steering wheel -Coilovers (unsure of how much i'm going to spend yet) -UK legal pressed plates -FMIC -ISV re-route kit -Rear wiper deleted -All red/semi smoked rear lamps As for wheels i'm undecided yet :) I'm thinking along the lines of D90's / Schmidt Modern Lines at the moment but i'm undecided :) Pics....... ---------- Post added at 11:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 PM ---------- WP_000608 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000609 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000610 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000611 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000612 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000613 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000614 by EHZ660, on Flickr WP_000615 by EHZ660, on Flickr Sorry for the really naff pics ... These are all i have from the journey home at the moment :)
  14. Haha.... Just ordered 3 Goodyear Gatorback belts... 1 for the raddo , 1 for the mk1 and a spare! :)
  15. Haha everyones hit the nail on the head... From bristol Cheers for the comments guys :) As for plans i'm not 100% sure yet :/ I'm currently doing a very long going mk1 Golf G60 project so i've bought it as an insight into the life of driving a G60 :) and because i've always had a soft spot for corrado's :D I might steal a few little G60 performance bits off the Mk1 in the meanwhile though :) And i do fancy some nice shiny wheels for it if i can get me hands on some :) Cheers for the help on the belt guys!! Need to get one ordered as mine squeaks alot (don't think its a shorter one) ---------- Post added at 9:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:57 PM ---------- Oh and i've just read a couple of youre threads domwells27 :) Always nice to know a little history! Did you ever get round to changing the Aux belt on it? Still squeaks and its bloomin' annoying!! lol I've got a spare tensioner kicking around so if a belt fails i'll try that
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