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  1. I think they could be the relays for the heated seats i.e. one per seat. Andy
  2. C6 SVR

    Ray VR6

    Doh! I wonder if I can just get the LHD gas pedal cover then?
  3. C6 SVR

    Ray VR6

    Yeah sounds good would like to see pictures. How did you manage to get the Audi TT gas pedal cover to fit. I found my gas pedal to be too big / wrong shape but I got the clutch and brake pedal covers to fit. I've also fitted an Audi TT gear knob (6-speed gearbox). Andy
  4. Okay I'm interested in one for my RHD VR6 Andy
  5. Yeah, I fitted these too. They go with the pins very well and look great against the black leather.
  6. Try Anti Theft Pins £10 from Trimsport - http://www.trimsport.co.uk. I fitted these to my C last weekend. They don't stick up much and are in totally smooth chrome so difficult to grab hold of. Look good too.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't being clear. The electric motors are working fine. The Seats aren't heating-up. Andy
  8. I've just finished fitting heated / electric Recaros but I didn't have the old wiring loom and had to start from scratch. I'm pretty sure they're wired in correctly though (i.e. as per wiring diagram). My heated seats aren't heating either. I get the click from the relays but then nothing happens. I'd be interested to hear common faults. Andy
  9. I agree. The clear lights look great on the white / silver C. Whereas, for my Bordeaux coloured C I think I'll go for the slightly-smoked FKs - these seem like good value. Can anyone recommend side-indicators that will match these? Andy
  10. C6 SVR


    Didn't know that but I suppose if the Corrado was a real success (in sales terms) VW would have taken measures to meet the emission regs. From my understanding, the C was VW's venture into the more luxury sports car market and the price tag reflected this. Unfortunately, the market wasn't prepared to pay that price for a car with a VW badge on it. It might have been more successful with 4-rings on the front! The C was most successful in the UK as we appreciated its understated design but it flopped elsewhere in Europe. IMHO, if VW started making it again then it would sell better this time as VW is now a more prestigous brand then it was.
  11. C6 SVR

    Wires in doors

    Now you mention it it's obvious. My speakers are connected to new speaker wires. The wires in question must be VW speaker wires but are redundant so don't connect to anything. Bit of a dumb question really wasn't it! :oops:
  12. C6 SVR

    Wires in doors

    I'm in the process of replacing front door cards.... I've found in both door cards 2 wires that go into 1 plug. I've no idea what they're for. I've got the windows working and I don't think they're for the mirrors. Can anyone advise? Andy
  13. Sorry Chris, Simon at CMS: 01332 371819 P.S. Recaros and electrics nearly sorted now.
  14. Chris, Any joy with the Vortex S/S braided hose? Andy
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