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  1. Tried to list this in cars for sale but managed to delete the thread that took me half hour to write when I edited it :( so now on eBay ---------- Post added at 1:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 1:10 PM ---------- eBay number 111081327859 by the way
  2. I've got loads more pics I can send via email as tapatalk won't upload anymore
  3. Hi Tom can look into it for you the wheels are 15 inch and the pcd is 5x120 so you need adaptors.
  4. Hi all before I put all this on eBay thought I'd offer it on here. Basically it's a joblot of parts I've accumulated over the last year and need them gone as one lot it includes Part polished inlet manifold for kr Standard rear lights Standard side indicators Passenger side rubbing strips complete Complete set of standard suspension from a 1.8 16v Drivers side trim goes next to pedals on right hand side has a crack in it Lighter holder and surround Set of mats they came with the rado but they are not tailored to fit Rear bulb holders with bulbs! Carbon look tax disc holder Set of bmw cross spoke wheels tyres ain't got long left but wheels ain't bad come with all four centre caps Rear parcel shelf with pioneer 6x9s Roll of silver cheque effect matting brand new There's a few other little bits ive missed. I am after £80 for the lot so plenty of resale value if you sell these sort of bits Pick up from pitsea Essex Any questions please ask! [ATTACH]73688[/ATTACH][ATTACH]73689[/ATTACH][ATTACH]73690[/ATTACH]
  5. As title really need a drivers side wing to fit a 1.8 16v in red If poss! ---------- Post added at 10:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 9:50 PM ---------- Also while I think of it I need the bit of plastic trim that holds the plastic radiator cover in place
  6. Yeah that don't sound right have you checked the lines and the tank? You might have a small leak which is also causing the idle problems?
  7. The owner before me told me he had this problem and changed the idle control valve and various sensors but it turnd out to be the fifth injector also mine smells of petrol as does my mates 16v mk2golf I always thought it must be due to the age of the engine but itwould be nice if there was a cure to stop the smell am sure they wernt like that from the factory. Hope you get it sorted.
  8. Thanks guys as always top answers shall be trying these today
  9. Does anyone know if you can buy the vw tool that removes the nut thats on top of the top mount as am trying to fit my new coilovers and ive tried everything I can think off and the whole thing still keeps moving round its getting on my tits
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