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  1. Tjninny

    312mm brakes

    Spot on as usual - it’s been that long I’d forgotten I’ve already got the 288mm conversion on so have the correct hoses. I’ve also got the spacers, just need to get on and put the 312mm discs on.
  2. Tjninny

    312mm brakes

    I’ve got the brake discs and calliper carriers for the 312mm conversion but not done it yet - I thought the fronts stayed the same, just spaced out more and it’s just the rear lines to change if using mk4 callipers?
  3. Aren’t there some clever people about? Don’t think I’d have ever sussed that out - it’s all back to normal !!!
  4. When I log on now I can’t see any unread posts unless I go into each section - is this the same for everybody as it’s certainly a lot slower now than it was before.
  5. Similar to the ones I bought but from eBay and around £18 each - I put 10 on the ceiling and the light is brilliant, a lot better than strip lights.
  6. Tjninny

    Marmite VR6

    Shocking, absolutely shocking (in my opinion)
  7. Sweet - any info on where you got the supercharger bits? Rough cost etc? To be honest I’m thinking of doing something similar - I’d prefer to do something mechanical rather than spend on a respray.
  8. Sweet!!! Crack on then, and keep the photos coming - think I need to get some up of my work over the last few years!
  9. Put mine back in today - very tight fit in the manifold but a little oil helped. Then found I couldn’t get the fuel rail on the injectors enough to fit the clips!! Started again by fitting the injectors on the fuel rail first then pushing everything together enough to get the rail bolted to the manifold. Not too bad a job in the end and it’s all running ok. You might be right about the new O rings, hence my struggles, but mine went ok in the end.
  10. Dropped mine off this morning and Clive said he’d already got some in - presume they were yours Cressa? Looks like a proper garage and hopefully they’ll turn out ok - at £10 each more than happy!! Tim.
  11. Looks like they’re only 10 miles from me - think I’ll contact them next week. Tim.
  12. Great - would be interested in sorting mine.
  13. Thinking of getting my injectors refurbed as well - any suggestions as to where would be ok? Tim.
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