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  1. Big thanks go out to Besian. He never fails to deliver, and i mean that literally. He goes out of his way to meet me each time i have bought parts from him. Really nice bloke too :clap:
  2. Interested too and in Brum. As above can you do any other trimming?
  3. The return just pushes onto the block and has a crimp type jubilie clip. It fits just above the sump.
  4. kevhaywire has declined...anyone else??? These wheels are really light, anyone know the actual weight?
  5. No worries mate. It give me something to do in the sunshine...ended up like a lobster :oops: None of the scabs have actually broken through but if you are worried I can get the redone as I somebody that does it at cost.
  6. I had a bit of a play with them the weekend. Split them and polished the outer rims, then laquered them again. The only probs with them now is that on or two of the spoked centres are blistering in a couple of places. You could get the centres shot blasted and coated for about £60. You would have a really clean set of wheel then!!! Here are a couple of close ups
  7. :lol: Well hurry up and sort me a minta then!!!
  8. G-Lader, Yeah, I know!!! When I first posted the thread I was set on getting a Passat. After giving it some serious thought i'm looking for G60 ownership again...sod the practicality :D
  9. Said I would post some pic's...so here you go.
  10. These ones where an optional extra for a MK4 Golf Turbo but think they may be the same. I'll try and sort some piccies out.
  11. Well sort of sold the golf...my Dad is going to have it. I'd just fitted TT brakes and Borbet alloys! I've got to get practical for a couple of years so i'm looking out for a Passat Estate Turbo Sport... Anyone know of one going??? Haven't got tyres on them but if some one was to offer me £400 I would proberbly let them go. Still enjoying the beast Jim?
  12. I have a set of these in my garage (5X100 PCD). They need refurbing but I haven't got a clue how much they are worth. Since I sold my Golf I have no use for them. Does anybody know how much these go for?
  13. Nice results mate. I knew it felt quick :wink:
  14. leew


    I wish I would of patiented the ---___---, ___---___ description :lol: :lol: :lol:
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