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  1. Well light stayed off today! Yesterday I was stuck in traffic for a while when it decided to come on! But I was in no traffic today, and it hasn't came on! Strange!
  2. Thanks rob! It was second hand sensor, garage said it was fine. And that was the only code coming up previous to fitting it! Absolutely gutted, hope it ain't going to cost a fortune or hard to get parts I need, as MOT is so close :( ---------- Post added at 8:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:17 PM ---------- Garage reckoned pump and ecu were fine! :(
  3. Long story short! Abs light was coming on, got its checked at garage! All sensors were fine, but I needed to replace the distance measuring sensor. I managed to find one, got it fitted and all was well for 2 days and ABS light is back on! Car is going back on Saturday to go on vag com again. In the meantime, does anybody know what else it could be, really need to get this sorted! As MOT is dues next month. Any help will be much appreciated!!
  4. XM4RTYX

    Abs ecu

    I possibly need a working ABS ECU, anybody? Thanks :thumbleft:
  5. As above my mk4 golf for sale http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/mk4-golf-gt-tdi-green-110-mapped-to-150/1012414973
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