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  1. Sadly i need to move my Corrado and parts on. I've just moved to a flat and have limited space for it with a works van My intentions with the car was a Oem plus feel 151500 miles in good used condition The car has been used once or twice a week but only short journeys i would say it needs a good service Paint work is in good condition a few stone chips and odd mark but no signs of rust. Small scratch on sunroof which does slide and tilt last time i used it The bump strip has been removed. I have a complete set ready to be fitted One indicator is cracked but replacement set ready to fit The pictures also show after market side repeaters in wings. I have a set of oem hellas to replace Rear lights have been smoked but once again original lights with be supplied The headlining a b and c panels + sun visors have been trimmed in a dark Alcantara Has the Audioscape door pods ( horrible fitting speakers) originals come with car It comes with original alloys that have been refurbished but painted and none standard colour by previous owner. The tyres have done about 2500 miles Interior is the black leather as standard with all but the drivers seat been refurbished. The drivers seat bolster has collapsed but i will be supplying a new replacement Heated seats get lovely and warm A apline head unit has been fitted with blue tooth and 10 disc changer and a sub (not my thing but...). I will be supplying a oe unit(s) with sale The heater controls are also in good order but again will be supplying spare with sale Original dash center console has a few cracks have mint replace ready Steering wheel is in average condition next to mint one ready to be fitted Engine/running gear etc all in good condition. I would say the engine would benefit from a good service runs good but a tad lump until up to temp Suspension is after market unknown i would say of average quality tends to feel bumps more then my bum likes I've replaced the radiator last year with a second hand vw unit Parts included with sale VSR manifold sadly missing cover plate volt/oil pressure gauge Set of Recaro ultra violets in very good condition front seats and back Original warning triangle and first aid kit (out of date) Battery cover new spare rad twin fan assembly As you can see i had more or less everything to make a very very good I'm asking £2500 for everything and this must all go together Feel free to email me [email protected] or call 078 433 899 54 Cheers Gareth Right i can't upload pictures but can send any you request over email -------------SOLD-----------------
  2. Gareth192001

    panel gaps

    Hello guys I'm after some advice. I have a 95 storm which I've had for about a year and a half loved every minute of owning her. I'm planning on spending some and money on making a very nice weekend/show car. I've come across a issue or maybe not the panel gaps both between the doors and the boot lid are on the large side. I know at some point it had a bump on the rear quarter but the problem is common on both sides. I've had a bit of a play with the hinges door strike etc but still remains same. What kinda gaps should i expect? Can anyone link any close up pictures
  3. Gareth192001

    16" speedlines

    http://www.vx220.org.uk/forums/topic/124457-speedline-alloys-in-silver-l900-ono/ these?
  4. Gareth192001

    16" speedlines

    i'm sure the subaru ones have 6 spokes
  5. Gareth192001

    16" speedlines

  6. The guy i bought my car off did it himself think there is some build pictures on here
  7. I'm currently thinking of a TT at the moment it seems the older and slightly less common they get the better they look. Personally i'm looking at the 1.8 the turbo noise is the only thing i miss from my mk4 golf
  8. Ok not a Corrado question but i wanted to ask you knowledgeable lot. The Mk1 Caddy could i fit 2 adult mountain bikes on the bed of one of them? Cheers in advance
  9. Vsr Manifold Late volt gauges Heated and electric recaros Adjustable headlights? 2 x factory headunits and none of it fitted yet
  10. ulta violet recaro are these seats heated as well as electrically slide and tilt?
  11. Welcome and Merry Christmas
  12. K reg going towards Killinghall from Harrogate 2 days ago looking good
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