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  1. Thanks for your replies guys. I had the dash out a couple of years ago to replace the heater matrix and that wasn’t too bad so if it’s no worse than that I give it a try. I guess the part is still available? Are headlining still available? Just in case!!!
  2. Has anyone replaced the roof aerial seal without removing the headlining, aerial etc? My seal has perished and looks scruffy but I don’t dare tackle removing the headlining just for that. Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.
  3. gazc

    Davina air con

    It's only a scanned copy but I've found it useful. Hope it helps. Diavia_Aircon_diagram.pdf
  4. gazc

    Davina air con

    It’s all back together now. It started with needing to replace the oil cooler but once you get the front out one thing leads to another ......... Just trying to get the electrics on the aircon a little more reliable. I’ve got a circuit diagram for the system if anyone needs a copy. It’s just sourcing the parts that’s a little difficult.
  5. gazc

    Davina air con

    This is the relay. I think it's a special. I've ordered a second hand one from Ebay (Lithuania) but I'm not sure if it will be any better than the one I've got so I'd like to get hold of a new one if poss. You seem to be able to get similar units but without the coil diodes which I guess is what the -X242 signifies. If all else fails I'll get a standard relay and add the diodes to it. I saw the post on the Trinary switch. I got one from www.airconcoltd.com part number 6204310S1A if anyone else is doing an aircon rebuild. (Bloody expensive!) I got the rest of the kit from Autodoc. Compressor NRF Part number 32805G Condenser NRF Part Number 35027 Dryer (from Ebay) Hella Part number 8FT 351 199-011 The condenser was a larger unit than the original but I managed to shoe horn it in. I've added a couple of photos of the front with most of the new parts fitted. Just the dryer missing which I had to make a bracket up for. The pipework needed to change a little as the Condenser inlet and outlet are on opposite sides but the original pipes were long enough. Hope this helps anyone doing the same work.
  6. gazc

    Davina air con

    Does anybody know where I can get a relay that brings the compressor on on the Diavia aircon. It's a Siemens V23134-M1052-X242 relay marked on the Diavia circuit as a 017019. I've just fitted a new condenser, compressor, drier and Trinary switch in my system rebuild and it's all up and running but the relay contacts are very pitted and the system sometimes switches on and off intermittently. I've cleaned the contacts and it's working for now but I'm not sure how long it will last.
  7. Just bought my first Corrado after owning a MK1 Scirocco since 1984. It's in very good condition but there are a few things that need sorting. 1. Heater matrix is leaking so it has been taken out of circuit. I've seen one on eurocarparts for £29ish. Anyone know if this would be the correct one and how easy it would be to fit. My cars also fitted with aircon. Does this make a difference? 2. Electric mirrors don't work. The drivers one clicks when the up/dwn arrow buttons are pressed when either L or R button is engaged. 3. Its fitted fitted with a sony head unit with a 10 disk changer but the changer wont eject the cartridge and when CD is selected the head unit it just flashes "reset". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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