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  1. Hi all This one is now sold, pending collection. Thanks
  2. Can I have your phone number to organise a viewing?

  3. Hi Mate


    sorry I've not got back to your messages sooner. had issues logging in. if you're still interested he's still up for sale.


    I've not had any electrical issues with the motor whilst in my possession, it's been a very reliable car. I could probably go to down to £1200 I'm loosing money at that point so reluctant to go any further





  4. Hi mate what’s your best price for this?

  5. Hi mate. How many miles has the engine done? Do you have any electrical issues since the conversion?




  6. Hello All Time has come to part ways with one of the Corrados, so I can concentrate on the other. Up for sale is this one which some regular forum members may recognise. This is a 1992 Aqua Blue Pearl VR6 with 24v engine conversion and many extras and other work gone into it. Please check out the original build thread here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?80155-Corrado-Part-Duex-24V-Aqua-Blue-She-s-gone for all the details. You’ll see the work that has gone in. It’s been a very reliable car and the only things I’ve really had to do is replace both front wheel bearings and hubs, radiator top elbow, and recently the clutch slave cylinder and had a small crack in the sump welded up. MOT until August 2019 It has the potential to be a great car with a little tlc and attention to the bodywork. The good bits / Spec • Corrado 24v with the AUE engine. • 312mm brakes with Mk4 Brake Servo and Master Cylinder with Teves 20 4 Channel ABS System. • Bilstein B12 Suspension • Mk4 Climate control (without aircon) • 02J Gear Linkage • 16 Speedline Vento Cup Race Wheels • Cruise Control • Double Din Headunit with Sat Nav and 32GB Micro SD Card • Uprated Headlight Wiring Loom • Aero Wipers • Clean cloth interior, this is still in excellent condition, no rips or tears and the bolsters are holding up • Uprated cooling fan • New Old Stock Steering Wheel • Cat 1 Alarm with Certificate There are a number of bad points for full disclosure • Bodywork, many dents and lots of lacquer peel in numerous places and cracked paint on plastic surfaces like the bumper. A some of small areas of rust. Hopefully these can be seen in the photos • Alloy wheels could do with a refurb to make perfect • Timing chains are making noise, but they have since I bought the car, performance seems ok so was going to tackle this at a clutch change but it has not needed one. • ABS light comes on. I imagine just a sensor out but I have not been able to determine which one. • Very slight coolant leak. I have changed the top radiator elbow and seal as this was definitely leaking but it still seems to loose coolant. Needs topping up about once a month or so on daily drive duty or after a very long run. • Sunroof does not work. Both tilt and slide and on top of this the control switch is also broken. • Immobiliser has been bypassed as this started playing up and at random times not allowing the car to start. Remote central locking still works though • Some rattles from the rear interior trim. Typical problem • A stone chip to one of the headlamps. It has been sealed with clear epoxy which has discoloured Located near Bournemouth call me to view etc 07730463275 £1500 ono Thanks for looking James photos via below link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8umj0xhvtcvb81o/AABbemYjftc16CJsTFQcClmBa?dl=0
  7. Hi Troy. Thanks for the reply. That's how I understood from researching the net. But good to get some first hand confirmation to check my thinking was right. Was planning to leave both the in-tank pump and the external one in the swirl pot (the big plastic box in the pic if I'm right) but just delete the accumulator. Will see how that goes then. Cheers James Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi all. So I've been working under the car and pulled off the external fuel pump business. Any metal part is literally flaking off I'm my hands. So looking to replace bits to freshen it up. I'm have a 1.8t conversion and was wondering if anyone knows if I can delete the fuel pressure accumulator circled in the pic, and go straight to the fuel filter from the pump? As I understand it it's required to keep the pressure up on the old kjet system. But I've not been able to find any info for the mk4s having anything similar. Any advice appreciated. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. I did the 1.8t conversion myself. A bit like you wanted to give something like that a go. It was fairly simple to do and as said loads of info out there. I went with qpeng which made it easy to wire up. Full 180 motor with turbo and look off eBay around £600. Qpeng kit about the same iirc. And a bunch of other bits to make exhaust, turbo pipework, intercooler, vr clutch rtf. Probably looking around £1500 to £2000. If you have the space and time to buy a donor to strip it would probably be worth it. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  10. seconds please if not taken thanks
  11. Having done a spray job when doing up my bug I did this myself with no prior experience. practice makes perfect so have a go on something else before to get the mix right and practice your technique. I would say avoid doing it in a garage especially if you have been doing other work in there. I found that oil in the air and dust falling from everywhere ruined every attempt. The best results I had were under a car port with both ends blocked off and the whole thing lined out with plastic sheeting (looked like a scene from Dexter!) Keep it as sealed as possible. this not only stops stuff flying in, it also allows anything in the "booth" to settle and stops any wind from affecting the spray direct out of the gun. Also even on a mildly warm day if there's any sun on it, it will get nice and toasty inside which helps with drying the paint. I would also agree on avoiding the 2k.
  12. cheers. will pm for price and postage on the fogs
  13. Hi Graphite are those early fogs? I would be interested if they are still available. also would you have a late drivers side window switch in that lot??
  14. yeah I should be more sociable and pop out to some more events, I have met a couple of other local forum members at some things. always good to check out some other cars. I'll keep an eye out if there's anything going on
  15. Hands up. That will be me then!! Made it back to Bournemouth without any worries. will be in regular use while I sort out some major issues on the 20VT that needs some attention. I have to say that it feels really well put together and I'm enjoying it at the moment, the mods are brilliant on it the paintwork and dents being the main thing that let it down but I'm not too worried about that for the time being. I've been lazy with recording the work on the other C, but I've enjoyed reading the build thread and aim to keep that going as and when I get round to doing anything on this one as it's nice to have the history.
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