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  1. I sold my '92 G60 a while ago but in the process of de-cluttering to move house I'm finding a few left over bits. The boot carpet is for a full size 15" wheel and is grey. It's hardly been used, no signs of wear. The part number on it is 535 863 463 A/6FV. The nearest I've been able to find new is this: https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/kofferraumbelag-fb0643.html About £150! £30 collected from Sheffield (preferred) or plus carriage. A bunch of new unused parts bought for the G60 but some will be more universal: Set of 4 Pagid T5075 rear brake pads with new bolts £10 2 track rod ends with nuts, both LH, 191 419 811, one TRW £12, one Febi £8 Pair wishbone rubber bushes 357 407 182 Lemförder and Pair wishbone bush sleeves 191 407 190A Febi £4 2 door hinge halves 321 831 403 and 2 pins 321 831 421 £10 SOLD G60 oil filter 037 115 561 Meyle £4 Blue temperature sensor, OEM, 025 906 041A £5 Crank pulley bolt OEM, N 903 208 02 £1 Clutch hose OEM 857 721 453 £4 SOLD Windscreen wiper shaft,LH, 536 955 215, Wiper shaft nut 7D0 955 243, Wiper shaft steel washer 481 955 255, Wiper shaft spacer ring 867 955 251, Wiper shaft grommet N 904 655 01, All OEM, £7 SOLD Or, preferably, to save time and trouble, all the parts (less carpet) for £45. All plus postage.
  2. G60rob

    Steering wear

    Thanks Veedubbed. Definitely interested if it's the right one. How many splines does it have?
  3. G60rob

    Steering wear

    That's the main point of my post, really: is the lower UJ available? Some of the parts you mention have been replaced recently, but if I can't get a UJ it might not be worth changing the parts that are easily available such as balljoints etc.
  4. G60rob

    Steering wear

    There's clonky rotational play in the steering which was picked up as an advisory on last May's MOT. It feels a bit worse now so I'm concerned it might fail next time. A while ago a local garage tried replacing the rack, twice, both times with the wrong one, so I asked them to give up. The problem at the time turned out to be a noisy power steering pump anyway, as I had thought, but they said it was a noisy rack. A new pump cured it anyway. If I put my car's reg no. into the GSF website it comes up with steering rack Part No : 430VG0140, 22 splines, but I wonder if mine is 36 splines? I'm not convinced the rack itself is faulty anyway, because if I take the footwell panel off I can feel play in the lower UJ. It's four years since the offside balljoint was replaced, and I think the wheel bearing on that side is a bit noisy. Maybe just fixing those would reduce the play to an acceptable level? Is the lower UJ available separately? If so, which one is it, 22 or 36 splines? Part number? My VIN is ...50zNK010364. 1992 G60. It seems to be from round about a time when VW made a few changes, because the exhaust back box isn't as suppliers expect it to be either, I've recently found.
  5. The VR6 is different in having two threaded ends. The G60 ARB link only has one one bolt, which fits in the wishbone. The ARB fits through a rubber bush in an eye. Apparently, G60s have a 17 mm thread. Mk 2 Golf ARB links look the same but have a 13mm thread. But as far as I can tell, VW Heritage and ECP seem to think they're the same and only supply the 13mm size. Genuine VW parts are available at more than twice the price of Lemforder (or four times Meyle), but I may have no choice.
  6. When replacing a ball joint recently my mechanic noticed the anti roll bar links were worn. I got a pair of Lemforder links from ECP, but when he came to fit them he found the bolt size was different from the ones on the car. ECP say that the Lemforder part number 650440555 cross-references to the VW part number 191 411 315A which the local dealer confirms is correct. The ARB links were last replaced in 2007, but I don't have a record of what parts were used. Is it possible that the wrong items were fitted back then, perhaps Golf or Passat parts maybe? The mechanic says the new Lemforder bolts are thinner-I think he said 13mm nut size, compared to 17mm on the fitted ones. If this is the case the wishbones must have been drilled out in 2007 to fit the wrong parts, so I'll have to replace the wishbones as well. Not too big a disaster I suppose, as they need new bushes anyway. '92 G60 xxxxxx50zNK010xxx
  7. G60rob

    G60 wing

    SR_Neale - no need to register. Just go to http://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/spare-parts/corrado.html
  8. G60rob

    G60 wing

    Tjninny - the rear edge of the wheel arch is rusted. The bodyshops' opinion was that grinding away the rust would remove that part of the arch. A used wing with minor damage that can be repaired without removing a significant amount of metal would be better, so I might be interested. Have you any photos of yours? SR_Neale - yes, prices are listed. Why not have a look at the site?
  9. G60rob

    G60 wing

    I phoned VW Heritage. It's as I thought: Classic Parts in Germany only have the early wings, part no. 535 821 021B. Mine is a later wing, same part no. but ending D. So the only option is repair, or find a good scrap wing. LWS Design are listing Golf and Caddy carbon fibre wings, but not Corrado.
  10. G60rob

    G60 wing

    You can say that again! Your second link takes me to a log-in page, so it looks as if I'd have to register on the site. The first link does bring up a parts site but it's all in German. I searched for Kotflügel Corrado and it came up with (at http://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/kotflugel-corrado.html): Teilenummer: 535 821 021 B Kotflügel links Corrado Bis 1991 Bis Fahrgestell-Nummer 50M 011396, which I translate as "up to 1991 up to VIN number 50M 011396". My VIN is 50z NK010364, so is what they're offering the right part for my car? Seems to me it's the early wing, yet further down the page it says "Dieses Ersatzteil wurde in folgenden Modellen verbaut" which Google translates as "This spare part has been installed in the following models: Corrado (09/88 - 07/95)"! Maybe that means it fits even though it's not the correct part? Knowing the correct part number for my car would help. Anybody? The "Corrado 1989-95 » Corrado Body » Panels - Front Body" link on VW Heritage doesn't show any panels. Maybe I need to phone them.
  11. G60rob

    G60 wing

    The rear of the left side front wheel arch on my G60 is bubbled and rusty. The first body shop I went to would only take it on if a new wing was available. The second said the same, but was prepared to consider fitting a decent second hand one or, failing that, to take off my rusty wing, have it blasted and make metal sections to replace the rotten areas. Neither wanted to get involved with filler. I take it new wings aren't available? I think they are late type because it's a '92 G60, NK 010364. There have been hints in the past that they might become available again, as there's a fair demand from VR6 owners. I found an eBay breaker in Oxfordshire with a few wings but they look a bit rough to me. A couple of years ago there was someone hoping to make GRP and carbon fibre wings, but their website isn't showing any Corrado wings.
  12. Took the offside rear wheel off to investigate a scraping sound and discovered the brake splash shield brackets had rotted and the tin shield was rubbing on the disc. Is it advisable to replace this, assuming they're available, or is it not that important? I suppose it must be there for a good reason...
  13. It often takes a few tries to get it to slide, then when it starts it makes a loud bang as it drops down before sliding. Is this likely to be a motor or cable issue? If motor, does the Mk3 Golf one fit a '92 G60, or just VR6's?
  14. G60rob

    Seat handle

    I need the driver's side handle for tipping the seat back forward (if that makes sense)to gain access to the back seats. It's for a G60 but I dare say they were all the same? Only a small thing I know, but VW say it's no longer available from any dealer in the UK.
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