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  1. Golf Mk4 v6 4motion ?1000 Advertising for a female colleague, who needs a more economical daily driver. Silver Cloth interior Partial service history 158000 miles In adequate condition externally, wheels need refurbish but body is ok. Internal is ok, drivers seats has wear and some of the wood trim is in need of a tidy. Car drives alright, although could do with an enthusiastic owner to give it some love. Very standard car with no modifications. Collection only from ringwood or fordingbridge. Pictures available on request. She Would consider swapping for something with a smaller engine! Many thanks List Date: 1/12/2015 Location: Ringwood, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Golf Mk4 v6 4motion ?1000 -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?1,000.00 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Golf Mk4 v6 4motion ?1000 Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  2. I bought this 1993 2l 16v a few months ago, a replacement for my 1.8 16 G reg, with great intensions and plans. As happens to is all, life got in the way and nothing happened to the car apart from the odd drive. So today I had my first day off in a little while and decided to have a look into why my sunroof wasn't working. I stripped the headliner out to see that the sunroof wasn't actually connected To the electric. Being an utter idiot, I plugged it in and tried it out. The sunroof slid back, then slid forward ( so far, so good!). Then I decided to try the tilt function. It went up perfectly, but only the drivers side would return shut, and at the same time te seal pressed off from the sunroof. So I unbolted the whole bracket and took it inside, as I do not have garage. Mother Nature decide at this point that she would rain-ALOT! I noticed after about 5 mins as I had my eyes glues firmly on the sunroof mech which has a snapped cable but has been returned to the closed position for now. I ran outside and gaffer taped a tarp over the hole. Going back inside, crying at my wet interior, I felt inspired and decided to retrim my headliner. It went surprisingly well, and now I have a black fabric headliner and the 'light and sunroof control box' I decided to try and retrim in suede. I only got one photo half way through re-assembly and ended up finishing I the dark, so will get some more photos up tomorrow. Looks good though and feeling inspired for a 2014 filled with corrado improvement. Got a list as long as my arm to complete. Relics
  3. I would like the mirror adjustmnt swith/door handle, how much for postage?
  4. Hi Guys, Have have my 1990 corrado 1.8 16v in tornado red for just under a year now. Have just had the head gasket done, plus a few other little bits, and she is running like a charm. I cant stop thinking to myself that I should get something more up to date, but have come to the conclusion (rather stupidly) that I would very much like to keep it! So the real question is what I should do to it? As far as I know the body work is original, (a bit faded with a rusted front right wing, and someone has put some nasty cheap alloys on it). I would like to make a project of it, and turn it in to something worth keeping. All I have decided on so far is to change the brakes, wheels and tyres, and maybe to drop it a tiny amount. I would like to get it resprayed and the interior refitted to a certain extent.I have got a few quid to play with and would like something special and possibly showable at the end of it. Can you recommend anywhere in the Hampshire/dorset area that can do this type of project? And if anybody has any imput on what to do (any nice modifications or parts that are worth doing/putting in) it would be greatly appreciated? Jonny
  5. Started the 16v today, reversed it off the drive and down the road a little was and the oil temperature light started flashing. I stopped, checked the oil, but measured ok. Going to take her for a service next week, but a little worried about driving her about until them. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated ?
  6. Hey Rod, do you still have the seats and door cards? if so photo's would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks
  7. Relics

    Hello Forum

    Thanks for that, as you can see i am a little ignorant on the Corrado, but i am looking forward to learning
  8. Hello everyone. A few weeks ago i sold my Focus, thinking i could live without a car (yes, i am a colossal idiot). Up until earlier this week i had never even seen a Corrado, but a new acquaintance asked me what i drove, and when i said nothing he told me he was getting rid of a Mk 1 Corrado. I went to see it and WOW, what a beautiful car. It is a 1990 1.8 16V in Red. After a brief tyre kick i am now sorting out insurance and tax, and will pick up the car next week. The car is in need of a little TLC, (front wing and seats are in need of most sorting out) which the previous owner had planned to do but never got round too. So i will be asking 101 stupid questions as my car knowledge is fairly minimal, and i have never done any car restorations before. Any tips on the general running and day to day care of the car would be greatly appreciated also. If anything this should be a lot of fun. Good to be here Relics
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