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  1. Hiya their,was wondering if you have a drivers side wing of your Corrado and a front bumper,if so what condition are they in as my cars the same colour.would they bolt on and look good or would they need painting?how much if there good?thanks

  2. Drop the guy a Private Message to find out. It's my understanding that it's still for sale, yes :)

  3. Hiya their, I see you bumped up an ad for a twilight violot 8v corrado for sale, do you know is this still available as I'd realy like to buy it. Let me know thanks alot

  4. Hiya their I'm interested in your 8v corrado and all the parts, is it still available ? Thanks

  5. sorry to be honest im not that sure bout the temp of the oil being so low,hopefully some1 else can answer that part. gud luck
  6. sounds like your therostat is gone, its in the water hosing near the rad. there only cheap so dont worry.hope im right and gud luck
  7. hiya to all, il be going to view a corrado g60 on friday and would like to know a good few tips on what to check for. to be honest my main concern is the engine im not to pushed when it comes to suspension and brakes as il be doing this to any car anyways. il be bringing a compression tester to do the cylinders ,so il have the engine kinda covered but as for the charger, i know about taking of the feed pipes going to the charger to check for excess oil but is there anything else sum1 could add to better the chances of me buying a lovely rado lol much apprectiated thanks
  8. hiya their i know this was put up a while ago but you dont still havethese do you? if so il take them cheers
  9. hiya im not new to corrados im just new to this site. i have a black 1.8 8v corrado,my 16v engine blew and i had a golf so i threw its wee 8v engine into it lol. might sound mad but theire not to much difference in power part from small bit of lack at top end. better stop ****ing on llol hiya to all
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