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  1. Yes it is all working as it should and the blue/white wire behind the stereo isn't plugged it. I'm going to have a look behind the fuse box tomorrow. It just winds me up that I've got a fault code I can't fix.
  2. Hi, I've tired the searching on here but I Havnt come up with much of a answer. Im getting the fault code: 00281 - Vehicle speed sensor (G6 - 27-00 implausable signal on my manual 94 corrado and I'm not sure how to rectify it. I read on here about a fix involving joining some wires but there wasn't any info on which wires etc. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  3. Hi, i know this is an old post but I'm having the same fault. What is this possible fix involving the two wires? Thanks
  4. Im pretty much in the same situation as you. When i earth pin 6 on the ECU the pump fires up, so it isn't a wiring or relay problem. It seems the my ECU just isn't earthing pin 6. I tested all of the above pins for earth too and they were all correct except my pin 10 is blank.ill double check all of the main earths tomorrow.. Its beginning to drive me mad now. Let me know if you sort it before me. Thanks
  5. Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I'm having the same problem. Pump works but won't prime so car takes a few seconds to start. Which pins should be live when it's supposed to be priming?
  6. as above. im after a rust free Twilight violet boot lid. Thanks
  7. the bay picture is just one stolen from another thread on here. wish mine looked anything like that.
  8. The battery cover is mint and its the original vw part. So it will be for whatever size battery a corrado vr6 came with. Theres one in the picture below that i stole from another thread.
  9. Hi i'll do them together for £60 plus the postage.
  10. Hi these have been removed from a 1994 corrado vr6 and are all the original parts. First aid £45 posted triangle: £35 posted battery surround: £25 posted Thanks, Mark
  11. Hi andy i removed the head from my last car that has been stood for 4 years. When trying to start the car it gave symptoms of a blown head gasket. However when the head was removed the block had a hair line crack in it. Im just guessing it will need to be skimmed. ---------- Post added at 9:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 9:34 PM ---------- Alan and Dox ive sent you pm's. :thumbleft:
  12. My flywheel wasn't too bad. Maybe a little glazed but nothing that would cause the amount of slip im getting. I was pretty tired and rushed when i was putting it all back together, i really hope i didnt put the clutch plate in the wrong way around because im not in the mood to start stripping it all down again. The bite is pretty much in the middle id say and it feels normal. Maybe a little light if anything.. I might just have to bite the bullet and get the spanners back out..
  13. hi andy. ok mate let me know when your coming for it.. It will require a skim id imagine. Rado20vt. sorry im not doing postage on the larger items just because i'm too busy to sort it all out at the moment and its not really worth the hassle. sorry.
  14. Hi. here goes. I bought a corrado that required some tlc. The Crank seal was leaking into the bell housing even though the original clutch wasn't slipping it was dripping oil. I replaced the crank seal and fitted a new clutch kit including a new slave cylinder. Ive re bled the system but now the clutch is slipping like mad in pretty much every gear. Im not sure why as the old clutch wasn't slipping and the new kit is brand new. Any ideas why a brand new clutch kit would slip. It all feels ok and the pedal side. Any one had the same issues? Thanks, Mark
  15. Prices reduced.. All needs to go.. open to offers.
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