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  1. so the power steering has gone again. i remember when it happened, it was when i floored it in 1st and 2nd gear. i can't work out why this would make the power steering go, any ideas? looking at just getting a new pump really.
  2. ok well it wasn't the timing belt. egg on my face. they found a smal pipe had come loose which was part of the air box and that's solved the acceleration issues. it's still over heating though, probably a water pump? the fan seems to be working (it still runs sometimes after i turn the engine off). gonna take it back in and have them look at it next week.
  3. yea in fairness the PAS fault is probably my pump as I had intermittent problems with it already. but the power loss and overheating definitely points to the belt not being fitted properly. I am going to take it in on monday and if they still can't fix it i'll take it to a VW specialist. hopefully won't have to do that though. will report back.
  4. Just had timing belt changed, now my car is over heating and the acceleration is really poor. Have they not fitted it properly? Something obviously isn't right but I don't know what. Anyone shed any light on this before I take it back to the garage next week? Thanks.
  5. I took it to the garage and he said they hit the pump with a hammer while someone turned the wheel, now it's working again. So happy I don't have to buy a new pump - for now at least.
  6. would the pump fit my 2.0 16v? i think it's just the pump is dead. taking it back to garage will report back with proper diagnosis. if you could sell me the pump for cheaper than ebay i would be very very appreciative!
  7. Took car into the garage to have cam belt done (glad I got it changed as it was fooked!) but now the power steering doesn't work. It was fine before (well it was ok unless I accelerated heavily in 2nd or 3rd then it would cut out - weird). They said they think it's the pump but could it be they've done something to it to make it not work? I know they had to take the P/S belt off to change the timing belt. He said the P/S belt is as tight as it can go. I want to be sure it's the pump before I fork out for a new one! Model is 2.0 16v. Thanks
  8. I took it to the garage and they've identified that it's the wiring that had burned out. Currently driving it with the door card off and with the driver's side door constantly open (not literally.) Alarm still works though and immobiliser works too. Not worried about it being stolen really.
  9. I will explain what happened in a bit of detail so hopefully someone can help me with this seemingly impossible problem! My battery died the other night, central locking didn't work so I climbed in through the boot. (no locks on the outside of the doors - I will come back to this point later!) I tried to open the drivers door from inside but it wouldn't budge, luckily the passenger side opened. I didn't think much of it and charged the battery overnight, put it back in the following day and the central locking was working again but still not on the driver's side, neither would it open from inside and the button to open it felt loose. Here's the annoying thing: for some reason someone years ago decided to add a security feature to the car where they removed the lock on the outside of the driver's side and replaced it with a blank bit of plastic. There is no keyhole on the outside. There is a keyhole on the passenger side but my key doesn't fit it. The only way to get into the car is with the remote central locking (aftermarket immobiliser/alarm system.) It still works on the passenger side but not the driver side. I can't even get the door card off to look at the mechanism without cutting it to pieces because I can't open the door! I have no idea what to do apart from vandalise the door card... Does anyone have any better ideas? Thanks for your time. Sam.
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