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  1. Cheers Jim, I'll be honest I'm a complete noob. Had this Corrado going on five years now, it's been SORN'd this whole time and I'm getting around to getting it started after the bodywork was done many years ago.


    So am i looking for G60 discs and calipers front and back or just front?

  2. I'm buying all new discs and pads all round, and have decided to buy new calipers while I am doing this, likely going to paint them before fitting. Any recommendations from anyone on what I should buy? With a million other things on the list my budget isn't exactly massive, but as they will be stopping the car, I guess it's pretty important 💃🏽



  3. hi all,


    been a while since I posted, basically because my Corrado was getting some serious body repair done, to the tune of £3.5k.


    I need to some help basically. I've swapped out the 1.8 16v for a 2.0 16v with some saucy aftermarket bits. I've two hardback manuals, but the loom is a little hacked, and I'm not sure which plugs and connections go where. Ideally I'm going to get it running, then garage it over the winter - but it was in my dad's garage and he's just pulled it out as he needs the space, so it's sitting in the Northern Ireland elements right now.


    I was hoping somebody really helpful could take a load of photos of their 16v bay and perhaps drop box them to me. The more the merrier really.


    I'm not sure what I can offer in return, apart from many thanks and knowing you've helped get another Corrado back on the road...


    It's a 1989 1.8 16v.


    Hopefully someone can help, and thanks in advance.



  4. Hi all,


    Only 6 months after getting my first Corrado, so I'm a noob that doesn't know much. Yet.


    It's a 1989 1.8 16v. It's got central locking but not remote. Can anyone tell me if it came with central locking? I don't imagine it did.


    The next question is, has anyone used a good aftermarket remote central locking kit they would recommend? I don't have the cash for an alarm yet, but I'd like remote central locking and perhaps de-lock using the Passat rear handles and mechs... It's in the shop being stripped and resprayed so I'm thinking about doing as much as possible while it's stripped!



  5. some of the translations in that are hilarious!


    This colour is fantastic. My rado is going to the garage in a week or two for full body respray - I'm thinking about a colour like this. It's probably the nicest rado I've seen. Not sure if it's too low, but it's definitely low...


    I'll maybe check out LA7U on a panel first and see how it looks. Anyone here got a rado in that colour?


    ---------- Post added at 8:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:19 PM ----------


    A quick google search would suggest LA7U is a much darker metallic grey...

  6. It's maybe worth contacting the MOT centre for sure. I had a van that was rushed through and the guys at the centre didn't check lots of things. If there is a slight chance, sure why not.


    Correct me if I'm wrong - but if the seller has MOT'd it, then removed some things after it - surely it wouldn't be legal to sell? For example if he MOT'd with a new exhaust, then replaced the old one, it wouldn't be a legal sell? I doubt he's done something like this - but it's worth checking out with the MOT centre.

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