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  1. Love it mate!! Keeping my eye on the classifieds now......
  2. Blast from the past this, but after I ripped this camper apart nearly 2 years ago Ive done bugger all too it. Well it now at the body shop getting sorted, pictures so far:
  3. Seen this one: http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/209202.htm
  4. Cant wait for the weekend, hope the weathers nice! :wink: :wink:
  5. Its got to be nice and hot to spit flames, next time I see you and its dry! 8) If I can keep it in a straight line for long enough! :D :D
  6. A bold statement, but I think you could be right! :D The next turismo has its job cut out to beat this.
  7. I made a car for you and Sam! Gifted it to him just now. :D ba600325-015a-4265-a7d3-815b338558d4.jpg[/attachment:3b330] *So far this Clio is by far the worst car in the game. It handles really badly. Have to agree with that! 8) :lol: The traction control and stability take the fun out of it. The pro setting sets traction & stability off, ABS on and "simulated damage" on. You get more money for winning with it set to pro too.
  8. I haven’t cut the end off my shaft yet. :D But heres a picture of the inside of my ECU, its made by MBE. Its cool, it tells my car to go really fast! 8) Im changing a chip in here that amoungst other things controls the fans, need them to come on sooner.
  9. What player do I need for those vids? Whats a wildsling and whos that in the picture?
  10. The problem! Been told to cut it down to the nut. climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdfDSCF0320 (Medium).JPG[/attachment:01974] Before 2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfDSCF0321 (Large).JPG[/attachment:01974] After DSCF0322 (Large).JPG[/attachment:01974] Not quite as easy because typically the badge needs slightly bigger fixing bolts.
  11. Got some new bits today, centre caps and a new badge for the rear (ouch £s), as mines tatty. Anyway, went to fit the centre caps to find that the rears didnt fit. The problem is that the drive shaft sticks out to far from the middle of the hub. The solution? You've got to love this, apparently I need to attack it with a grinder until it fits!!! :shock: :lol: :lol:
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