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  1. right I'm moving to holland in feb so i feel its time to sell the old girl on. Will swap for something LHD had this old girl nearly 4 years now but sadly i gotta let go with the move so details right here we have my great tidy 16v vw corrado in aqua blue mot till end of may and milage at 156 i think right bad bits heater only works on 4 common problem past few months ago hand brake has sticky caliper so i have a full mk4 upgrade waiting to go on the rear also the horns have stopped working but i have 2 new ones jusin place just need wiring up couple of car park dings but nothing awful its a london car and some lacquer peel but small amount, but no real bad rust spots sunroof doesn't work so I've fitted a mk3 moon roof for a view haha, common fault have old roof some prat reversed into the car a while back on the front bumper and I've just patched it up also while in Nijmegen (holland) some prat dinged the front ns quarter all in the pics just wanna be honest right now were done with that the goodies car is scab free which is rare for a car of this age swg shuttle panel lupo gti wiper conversion with bosch wipers rare bbs ra mahle 7j et25 with decent toyo proxies perfect oem+ kw street coilovers, not cheap an only about 5000 miles on them always serviced, recent one also redone cooling system with loads of parts changed inc all sensors, cost a packet does not loose a drop of oil or water uprated headlight loom with night breaker bulbs new strut tops all round about 2 years ago plus one hub and bearing, tca and a lca stainless exhaust that sounds like the car is on bike carbs k&n filter oled dash heather controls (forum special) rare cup holder dab radio with full sony (4) and fusion (2) rear speakers and underseat sub and amp for rear 2 , all tucked away under rear passenger mats rare oem look shift light that was a big corrado forum thing, not wired in just well fitted full heated leather interior vr6 wheel spare and have old one fitted fully soundproofed (ace on the motorway) all green led dash lights mk4 leather handbrake conversion dave16v door pull fixes dave16v short shift dave16v center console fix I'm certain there is more but I've had the car 3 years an I'm forgetful haha any questions just ask I'm based in south London near croydon pics to follow once i get wifi or just call on 07525067350 and i can whatsapp
  2. Think there was an OEM one not just spoon fed. Yeah pm me a pic please of the boot mat
  3. Lilfuzzer I mean the logo'd boot liner (probably a better way of describing it) or am I imaging it. Swear I've seen an missed a few on here and on the bay
  4. Really after a set. Don't have to be mint And don't have to be q fortune like the dreamer on eBay Also a boot mat would be awesome too Thanks guys
  5. @lilfuzzer (spelt right this time) arrived this morning. One down thank you very much
  6. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=231860216800&alt=web Anyone tried one of these to fit? Thanks again for the help
  7. Could be bits or whole lot. What have people got? Thanks Geoffrey
  8. hey litter buzzer pm me with a price posted, thanks geoff
  9. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=201485156336&alt=web Can't find exact one. Think this is the same?
  10. Lilfuzzer will it fit in the rest? And delfinis I just want the OEM tin to put fresh stuff in. Sad but true
  11. Driving to Holland next month, wanted do the cars first euro trip in OEM style Pm me please
  12. How long do they take. I find with in A min or so I can notice it. Bit longer an I feel like I've wet myself haha. Very rarely use um tho
  13. Will be here today in aqua blue 16v prob in car park though so say hey
  14. Nice purple vr drove past twice while I was broken down near Kingston on wed the 15th
  15. This was me haha first spot. Was off to see the Mrs in caterham Thanks for the props yours was looking very nice too even took a cheeky pic. Made me want one
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