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What with all the electrical issues the VR is having, (but feeling confident a remedy is around the corner) I thought I may start prepping it for a future potential MOT.

I’ve managed to get the brakes “operational”. But they’re softer than an otters pocket, so after a little advice from my local specialist, will attempt to bleed them for a fourth time. Remembering to open up the compensator first. Just as well I went out and bought more dot 4.

After mixing up the horn and fog light connectors, it now has a working horn.

There’s still some clicking from the relay panel, but we’ll keep chipping away and hopefully get a result sometime soon.

The car now has all its fluids present and topped up (eventually). Though after two leaks in the cooling system, (and what sounds like an airlock when the water pump runs), losing half the power steering fluid and me stupidly over pressurising the eezibleed and losing half of that I’m reluctant to fit the slam panel / front bumper yet. With the 8v the bumper would already be on, but space is already limited, and I’ve yet to be convinced the fans are operational. The air con wiring / routing is nothing short of complicated.

Excited by the small win with the horn, I attempted the next job, to replace and install the washer jets/pipes. They were stiff and beyond their best, so I called in at the local motor factors and bought 2m of clear 5mm hose and a couple of T connectors.


The down side is the wiper blades are 12 years old and a have had better days, so that’s a job for another day. Oh and the wipe pressure from the OE arms is shocking. But we all know that 🙂.

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