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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sharron and being an avid car and motorbike enthusiast I have always been looking for somewhere to allow me to work on my cars in pleasant, clean, dry environment. Today’s homes rarely have suitable garages – mine is no exception. So I decided to set up a dedicated workshop to allow anyone to be able to work on their vehicles when ever they want to, providing the tools and equipment you wished you had at home but don’t have the space for, or can’t justify the cost for that one off job.


Spanner it is the North East’s first DIY Self Service garage based in Darlington and is open to anyone with the basic knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm to work on and maintain their own vehicle but don’t have the necessary space or tools or the wish to pay ever increasing mechanics bills.


Spanner it is equipped to a professional garage standard with the tools you need, a 4 wheel alignment 4 post lift, Parts & component washers, bead/sand blaster, etc.


Everything you need to do virtually any job, including jobs such as….


Brakes – Pads, Shoes, Discs, Drums etc

Pre MOT checks


Engine changes



…. to name but a few.




1. General overview of the workshop




2. 4 post lift.


Not just for cars, Spanner it is fully setup for motorbikes as well, providing a dedicated motorbike lift and space.




3. Motorbike Bay




4. Outside space


In fact, Spanner it is for anyone, male or female, young or old, who wants to work on their own vehicles without large mechanics bills.


With this in mind I’d like to invite you all to Spanner it for coffee, a look around, a chat, no strings. All are welcome, regardless of vehicle make, model, type, style, colour…………


We are very flexible in our opening hours and peoples requirement, we would be willing to offer discounts to club members as well as a meeting venue as follows


The normal rates are as follows


Flat Bay - including standard set of tools, jacks, axles stands and ramps is £15 per hour

4 post wheel alignment lift including standard set of tools is £20 per hour

Bike Bay - including bike lift or stand and a standard set of tools is £10 per hour


If when making a booking you let us know you are a member of the forum and your user ID we will give you a 10% discount on the above prices.


If you want to get together as a group and come down for evening, 1/2 or a full day so that you can work on things together, we will do you the following specials rates for the whole place dedicated just to you.


4 hours = £120

Full day = £200

Weekend 2 full days = £325


If you have any questions or wish further information, please feel free to contact me or visit the website www.spannerit.com or on Facebook

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Excellent idea and looks a very professional setup - I'd be in there like a shot if it was near me!


I know people had mentioned doing something similar before but I thought the liability insurance side of things put a downer on the business model. If this works and makes a profit then fantastic and hopefully more sill start popping up around the UK!

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Yes liability insurance has been a pain, took us over 6 months to get it sorted:bonk:


If we can get this one to work then we have the buisness model to expand around the country, we just need this one to work first:scratch:

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Wow this is a really good idea. I have no garage so have to work on my car when the weather is nice! Shame i'm so far away :(


Best of luck :thumbleft:

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Why doing the work yourself will save you ££££


Spanner it can now offer you up to 20% savings (depending on vehicle) on the costs of parts…. That’s some of the cheapest in town…


To change Front Brake Discs and Pads on Audi A2

Local National Chain for fitters quoted £213 and would need the car for an afternoon

Do it yourself at Spanner it

Price for Front Brake Discs and Pads £77

1 hour bay time at Spanner it £20

Total cost £97

Saving £116 (45.5%)


Some examples of savings on parts we have been able to make recently for customers


Service Kit for Corsa including Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter and Plugs

Motor Factors over the counter price £66

Spanner it price £53

Saving £13 (19.6%)


Front Brake Discs and Pads for Astra

Motor Factors over the counter price £87

Spanner it price £66

Saving £21 (24.1%)


Full exhaust system including cat for Peugeot 106

Motor Factors over the counter price £184

Spanner it price £151

Saving £33 (17.9%)


If you need anything please give us a call (01325 466553) and we will try and find the best price for you.


Parts can be pre-ordered and are usually delivered the same day and if you order parts and book a work bay at the same time we will give you an extra 10% discount on your bay hire costs, so you can save even more by doing it yourself….

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Great idea and great price on booking the workshop for a whole weekend for a group. Good luck with your venture!

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good idea hope it works out for you, shame with my car nothings ever straight forward , allways takes 5x's longer then what it should , glad i have a shed ;)

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