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corrado 2.0 16 valve breaking

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hi im breaking my run around the car is in good working order with 12mths mot just got to many cars if there anything else not listed ask me and ill post it up. grey cloth exellent










engine and gear box £240 sold

starter £20

central locking pump £15

coilpack £20

alternator £20 sold

servo £15

master cylinder £15

expansion tank £10

airbox £15

cat stainless (fink its sports can send pic) £20 sold

head lights each £20

fogs each £ sold

grill badgless £15 sold

steering wheel £25 sold

bonnet £30 sold

mirrors each £10

window switchs £20 sold

mirror switch £10 sold

interior mirror £10 sold

door glass each £20

boot £35

front bumper £20

rear bumper £20

drivers wing £20

passenger wing £ sold

number plate unit £10

rear top tint lights £25 sold

mint grey cloth interior £80

dash £20

suspension £100 sold

metering head £40 sold

2.0 16valve intake boot £15

fan+rad £18

loom £ sold

indicator stalk each £5

gear knob+ gaiter £25 sold

fuel lines £15 sold

interior mirror £8 sold

sunvisors £5

headlining £10 sold

pillar c covers each £ 5

seat belts £ sold

grey carpets each side £5

fuse cover tray £10 sold

drivers tray £12 sold

passanger tray £12

drivers foot plates £5

dash vents £5

parcel shelf grey £30 sold

parcel shelf surrports £ sold

window motors each £ sold drivers side

door handles each £25 drivers sold

indiactors each £20 sold

plastic trims roof £10 sold

slam pannel £15

doors each £15

petrol flap £5

corrado badge £10

16v badge £10 sold

wiper mech + motor £15

sunwiper arms and blabes (fink off tt ?) £10

roof and motor £ sold sold

spoiler motor £

hand brake £5

cables £5 each

switches each £ sold sunroof/ spoiler switchs/window sold/ mirror switch sold

heater controls £15

pedal box £70 sold

subframe £30

rad cradle £15

axle £20

shafts £10

clocks £30sold

plastic tunnel in car £40 sold

ecu £25 sold

exhaust cat back £50 (supersprint)

alloys tt £sold

other alloys £sold

calipars each £10

loads of other bits but cant think of them at mo


also wheels on my vr are for sale sold

also so have a bonnet bra for sale dont do it for me £20 exellent condition sold



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Hi,what colours the car ?


Rad cradle is that the rad support/crossmember thing if so how much posted ? Also manifold if its crack free. Cheers.


Almost forgot have you got the fuel filter bracket/housing also ? Ta

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what condition is the lower bumper splitter and metal reataner bracket, is this a 90mm ? or 50mm?

cracked/ how much posted .if its good i will take it.

what colour and year is the car?

i need a drivers side wing, rust and dent free condition, pics would be great , how much posted?

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sorry splitter sold was 90mm the is dark blue will try put pics up sorry new not sure how to do this

volksworld13 cheers


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the back box is none standard its a oval but quite not the boy racer type lol

still intrested

nath b


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yes have a blue wing will check it over and get back to you



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will check on postage rad cradle will also check manifold for you cheers


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im near chester border of north wales yes its a sun roof model


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headlining cover strip ?????


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have uploaded 2 pictures of the wing there is no rust or dents but is signs its been painted in the past but not since iv had it cheers dan

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Do you have...


Interior boot plastic cover

Drivers side Interior door handle surround

Plastic surrounds where the rear seatbelts enter the rear quarter card, top and bottom, both sides

plastic surrounds for the center tunnel air vents (the ones by your feet)

parcel shelf supports, are they back ?


if there in good condition, no broken clips ect, can you give me a price posted




Oh and sunroof motor ?

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nath b


back box seems fine still on car not blowing etc its a supersprint still wanting £70 plus p or collection


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will go have a look for you now as im just poping out in it to shop


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roof lining ok tho good condition


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cover has a join in looks like its not broke but sure not surpose to be a join

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hi fella

the wing looks ok, can you please inspect the arch where the plastic liner meets it, and check for rust around the screwholes, and at the lower part of the wing where it meets the sill where its bolted from underneith as it can rot out there, if the wing is completely rot /rust free, and hasent been fillered /damaged i will take it, i will need it courriered/posted to me, how much are we looking at.

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If you could get the cover strip off without breaking it anymore, I will have it !

Be careful, they are a nightmare to get of !

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If the headlight switch is fully working and an undamaged late type then I'll take that please.

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ill inspect wing in morning and let u no volksworld


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sorry its k reg mk1 dash is there any difference with switch




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ill take cover off first thing and let you no any thing else



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Is it LC5M moonlight blue. If so can I have pics of front bumper, bonnet, passenger wing and passenger door, might even have sunroof panel too so pic of that as well.

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yes the loom is for sale


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ill post some pictures and check paint code in the morning there is afew pictures of the colour at the top of page 1 bumper wing bonnet door and sun roof in good nick no rust that i no of speak soon

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