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Freshly painted Corrado G60 ( Shell forsale first)

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I have a project corrado for sale and was wondering if anybody is interested in the shell,


Its been painted in vw Bright Blue Metallic , its a MK2 Golf colour .


It cost a small fortune to get done as it was a colour change and was a complete glass/door out job. Only thing that didnt get painted

was the engine bay.


Just wondering if anybody would be interested in a the shell if yours is getting tired.


The whole actual car may be avalible, its a BBM charged corrado.


After £800 for the body shell rolling (BBS's Not Inc)

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That looks very nice. Couple of questions for you mate that will help me, and may help others...


Where is it?

What colour is the engine bay?

Can I see some pics of the door shuts, scuttle panel etc, boot shut etc (anywhere that old colour still exists...)





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