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That 'Knowles Wilkins' Jag on Top Gear w/James May circa '06.

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Anyone remember that episode? Where an old jag XJ-S had been fully moderised and given a new lease of life?

If you do, I can bet you were thinking the exact same as me!!!

Getting the full works done on your 'raddo!!

Imagine, handing the keys over (and small matter of probably £20k!!) and getting back a brand spanking new Corrado!!!


I was thinking at first, 'oh, get cruise control, get Sat Nav & parking sensors etc etc, then I thought, no way.

I'd want mine back as it left the factory.

But in fairness, even those of use who like keeping the our cars standard as possible, have done either;

Lowered it slightly

New exhaust system &/or

fittted Air Con


So, what would you do? Is it worth the money in your eyes?

And remember, the work would be covered by warrenty!!! (or maybe I dreamt that bit!)

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One thing I'd want brought up to date is the side windows. You daren't drive off when it has been raining unless you're wearing a head to toe gimp suit to prevent getting drenched, and why, oh why, couldn't they work out how to allow both windows to move up/down at the same time?


But no, I don't think it is worth spending the money on a full restoration. You would never get even a fraction of the money back on selling it.

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