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A piece of Brooklands iconic track

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Following on from my group buy feeler thread, there appears to enough potential support for a group buy of a piece of Brooklands track.


To raise funds and continue with maintaining the track and museum, Brooklands offer the chance to sponsor a square yard of track on the remaining bank. Prices depend on the location of the sponsored yard but are £95, £125 or £150. In return the sponsor gets their name on the Brooklands website as the 'owner' of that piece of track. As far as I'm aware there are no other perks of doing this so please don't expect free entry or such like.





Why Do This?


1) It supports some British motor sport heritage.

2) It promotes the Corrado name.

3) Some of us may have considered it in the past but not been willing to spend £95 to £150.

4) You don't get anything for doing this. You won't get free entry into Brooklands for example. It's purely a donation to help Brooklands.



How Much Will It Cost?


The group buy will cost each person £10 (unless they want to donate more of course).


If we don't get enough money then I'll make a decision on whether to donate more money myself. Plots cost £95, £125 or £150 depending on where they are located. Unused money will be refunded.



Which Plot Will We Buy?


Unless anyone has a strong preference then I'll just pick a random one within the price range we can afford.



The Name Used

When you donate as an individual you get to put your name on there and it is displayed on the BankingOnBrooklands website. However we obviously don't want to use my name in the group buy. So I have checked with the fund raising department of Brooklands and we can choose whatever we want as a team name instead. I have asked CCGB if they want to be involved too. They need to consider it as it is obviously run as a commitee. So the team name we use will depend on their involvement.


If CCBG are involved then I propose "the-corrado.net forum -and- Corrado Club GB"

If CCGB are not involved then I propose simply "the-corrado.net forum"



Are The-Corrado.net Ok with this?


Andi has confirmed he's ok with this.



What Happens Now?


A number of people have already expressed an interest in the group buy feeler thread (listed below). Over the next few days I'll drop a PM to them. Please reply to let me know if you are still interested. Or reply here instead if you see this before I PM you. Anyone else who is interested please also reply here.


I propose a "closing date" of Sunday 1st January which gives us 2 weeks to confirm who is interested.


After the closing date I'll PM people with my bank account details for transfer of money (may be able to do paypal too but I rarely use it so would prefer bank transfer). If people pull out after this point and we don't get enough money then I'll obviously refund everyone else in full.



Names So Far


Swompy - Paid (thanks)

floppyman - Paid (thanks)

JMC - Paid (thanks)

Jim - Paid (thanks)

easypops - Paid (thanks)

Scarlet_vr6 - Paid (thanks)

jacko - pm'd with payment details

dragon green - Paid (thanks)

iR6 - Paid (thanks)

g60jaime - Paid (thanks)

lilfuzzer - Paid (thanks)

Rorgasm - Paid (thanks)



Track Now Bought


Section 9 "Straight" C



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Definitely count me in please! Still think this is a wonderful idea :D


Very well organised, btw :)



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Just a quick bump for anyone else who may be interested. With 11 people (including me) I plan to go for the £125 yard of track and will put the extra into it myself. So if no-one else wants to join then it will be £10 each as planned for everyone else and I'll start contacting people on Monday to provide my payment details.

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Thanks everyone. Work has been extremely busy the last few days (yes including the new year holiday) so I have not had a chance to pm people with payment details yet. I will try to do this during this week or weekend at the latest.

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I've pm'd everyone with payment details tonight. So the next steps are:


1) Please transfer the £10 to my account.


2) If your bank lets you put in any reference text then please add your forum name.


3) Please confirm either by pm or in the thread when you've made the payment.


4) Once I receive everyone's money then I'll buy the section of track and confirm the track number on the forum and in a pm.


5) In the unlikely event that people don't send me money then I'll either just fill in the gap or refund everyone's money.



Once again, thanks to everyone willing to take part :)

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Hi mate - thanks for organising this. Just sent my tenner through via bank transfer. I'm same bank as you, so you should have it already!

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Hopefully we can bump this a few more times to fill in the missing few quid to get us up to the £125 or £150 mark!

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Front page updated with names of the people that have paid. Once again thank you everyone for taking part.


I am in send me the details mate


That's great, thanks. I'll drop you a pm. The more the merrier :)

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