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###PRICE DROP £1750 ### Viper green engine out respray VR6 for £2000 in somerset uk

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VR6 | Viper green engine out respray |Blackpool uk

Price: £1750


Hey - up for sale is my corrado. It is a 2.0 16v with a OBD2 VR6 from MK3 conversion - still registered as 2.0 16v on v5......

Only reason for selling is I need to move to Spain imminently -going to take my MK3 highline with us as the missus gets on with it better :/


Full engine out re-spray in the new VW Viper Green - bit of a marmite thing - love it or hate it - has grown on me 'cos it's the only one..nice to be unique sometimes...


Sitting nicely on coilovers with nice Allurad deep dish wheels 16x8 . These are sitting on 20mm hubcentric spacers fitted properly by top bloke outside Bridgwater - bolts machined to perfect spec etc etc..no expense spared on these - NOT HALFORDS CR#P !!


I have sourced and fitted a nice set of black leather seats


Bad points :-

Sunroof not working - works fine on allen key (slides and tilts ) - bit stiff maybe - sure a bit of tlc will sort it.

Spoiler not working - motor is turning on switch - have tried to raise manually to no joy - probably cables need work...


overheating now fixed with new rad and purple samco hoses and new steering column with nice old momo competition wheel fitted


Good points :-

well, to be honest its the way this car feels - the engine is nuts - defo pulls the rado better than the same engine on my mk3 highline VR6 -

there is a snarly exhaust system on it - this car can be driven stealthily but open it up and you WILL be heard

The colour adds to the appeal for me - it is UNIQUE and turns heads - again, you will either love or hate that - I personally think that thinking outside the usual boxes with 'rados

etc can get some awesome results. If the corrado was available new NOW, it would be available in this colour...makes you think...




will consider swaps for decent estate with power and space or something interesting....


Anyways, Thats probably enough from me - any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer.

I am based in Blackpool

thanks for looking,


last two pics are with different wheels - big ones from mini cooper rs !! 18" !! Others are azev a's which are up for sale elsewhere on forum.





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price drop

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