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2013 Late Headlight Switch Group Buy. Stock Now Arrived.

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Hi guys


New year, so I thought I would start a new thread for these as the previous thread got so big. Thought this would be clearer to keep control of. I would recommend anyone who is interested in a switch but doesn't know the details about them, have a read of the previous group buy and feeler threads. There is a load of technical info in there and would prob answer your questions. 200 of these switches are out there in use, so rest assured that these are good units.


The group buy is on! I am paying for the switches this week (gulp!) and have been informed of an early to mid March supply time. This is slightly later than I had expected due to the Chinese new year hols.


Please list your name & quantity so I can compile a list. I'll ask those that have previously enquired also.


Price has been kept the same as previous ones. £23 posted in the UK. Postage around the world is fine but I might need to find out a price first. These switches have gone to several European countries as well as the US.


Any questions you can't find an answer for from the other threads, please ask.


Thanks everybody.



1. Delfinis38 - 1 Paid Posted

2. Rorgasm - 1 Paid Posted

3. Billcor - 2 Paid Posted

5. nrc- 1 Paid Posted

6. nipper09 - 1 Paid Posted

7. wapadrand - 1 Paid Posted

8. Idlewillkill - 1 Paid Posted

9. destructiv dave - 1 Paid Posted

10. winchbietch - 2 Paid Posted

12. Johnny H - 2

14. Hofmiester - 1 Paid Posted

15. mr.ots - 1

16. clumpy1 - 1 Paid Posted

17. Derbik - 13 Paid Posted

30. mrsmith - 2 Paid Posted

32. Rustynuts - 1

33. VR6Lee - 1 Paid Posted

34. ovens - 1 Paid Posted

35. corradovr6auto - 1 Paid Posted

36. Sean_Jaymo - 1 Paid Posted

37. eugopnosaj - 1 Paid Posted

38. Mike16v - 1 Paid Posted

39. stuarttaylor37 - 1 Paid Posted

40. axel01uk - 1 Paid Posted

41. emmib - 2

43. Bunnyix - 2 Paid Posted

45. Hendrikbmx - 1 Paid Posted


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List update.

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Just for those who don't know about these and are uncertain - Matt did an absolutely sterling job on arranging the purchase and distribution of these last time - buy a headlight switch from him with absolute confidence. Most importantly, the switches are excellent quality and in fact something of an upgrade over the old ones. Headlight switches on the Corrado are a weak spot / known problem so this should be an essential purchase for any Corrado owner to put away on the shelf for the day when their one breaks :)

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Thank you Jim, very good of you for your kind words.


I forgot to put in the first post, I don't want and won't take any money until I actually have the switches in my hands.

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I got many corrado fans from poland who would love to purchase this new Head light switches.

Please can you show us some photos 1st please, as they are asking for them.



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Thanks Hofmiester, yours will go special delivery!!! Hi Derbik, That's great news about enthusiasts from Poland. When I get home, I will put a link up from the original group buy feeler thread. This has a lot of technical electrical info that I don't understand! Plus there are some good close up pics as well. Sorry I'm using my phone for this and gets all confused when you try to link pages! Any questions please ask.Those asking for two or more switches, I can knock a couple of pounds off each extra switch you want to help out. Savings on the postage.

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Hi DerbikThese switches are made as LHD, all I do is remove a plastic piece on the back of the switch that allows them to be fitted into a rhd car. So you will be fine for your friends in Poland. If you want to let me know numbers of switches, I can sort you out with a good deal.Cheers mate.

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Just to let you guys know, I have now sent the money for this order of switches. It is definitely on now folks.

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