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Early VR6 distributor, rotor arm and cap part numbers

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Hopefully this will help someone. The VAG OEM part numbers for early VR's with distributors are as follows:


Distributor arm - 021905225B

Distributor Cap - 021905207

Distributor - 021905205AE


I'm not sure if you can still get them from VAG, but they are made by Bosch anyway, and can be got with the following Bosch part numbers:


Distributor arm - 1234332426

Distributor cap - 1235522449

Distributor - 0986237642


The distributor is an exchange part as they rebuild the old ones, and comes complete with cap and rotor arm. The cap has the black interference suppression shield on it that earths to the distributor body. The rotor arm is glued on and will have to be coerced off (there is a rumour that some of them may be held on with a screw, but I've yet to confirm this). The Hall sender is attached to the distributor and is not available separately, although Bosch must have them to do the rebuilds. Any Bosch supplier should be able to order these parts for you, and they can also be found on many German sites and on fleabay. The cap and rotor arm together will set you back about €70 plus shipping and the complete unit comes in at anything from €280 to €450 with exchange depending on where you buy from.


If you're replacing these, you may as well change your ignition leads as well, including the one to the ignition amplifier on the passenger side bulkhead.


There are also other options made by the likes of Beru, Valeo etc. but in my experience they haven't been great quality - your mileage may vary. Bremi seem to be an alright brand as well.


Let me know if I got any of this wrong and I will correct the original post.

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Just replaced mine with parts mentioned in the first post - 10 minutes work with the right hand engine plastic cover removed. Worked perfectly first time. Just a note that the refurbished distributors do NOT come with a red alignment mark on the body, so just take a reference mark off the old one before you remove it and make sure the rotor arm and magnet are aligned the same way as on the old one - it then just pops nicely into place.

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