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Twilight violet purple 1994 vr6. re-advertised.

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Tried selling the car earlier in the year with some issues with no joy so decided to get some of them fixed, ive added a picture of the garage reciept. £650 worth of work.


I have a rust free front wing, current one has rust and a hole in it. also have new brake pads/discs all round. both will be thrown in with the car.



Around 140,000 miles.

MOT til august 2017 and recently serviced.


Ive owned her for 2 1/2 years and in that time changed/replaced the following:


both Clutch slave cylinders

Heater cable


Auxiliary water pump

Magecor 8mm ht leads

Window wiper arms and blades from an audi A2 i think.


Also has an aftermarket toad Ai606 alarm system with 2 keys And fobs.


Bad bits... paintwork could do with a machine polish, looks kinda dull. Some small rust patches.

Theres something wrong with the heater controls. No idea whats wrong with them but ive removed the controls for the time being.

2 keys but only 1 fob. lost the othe one.


Electric Spoiler, sunroof and windows all work fine.


Has a folder packed with history.


Ive probably missed out a few bits.




Cars based in East Kilbride, just south of Glasgow

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