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Cheap 2002 S3 8L For Sale

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Hi all,


Due to the recent purchase of a car I have longed for for some time, a Corrado VR6, I now sadly don't have the time, space or spare cash to do anything with my S3 so it is up for sale. The car has been off the road for the best part of three years and sat in my garage so I'm sure you can imagine it needs some work, details to follow.


I bought the car around 8 years ago as a standard car aside from a stage one remap and forge alloy recirc valve. The car is a UK spec European import (came off the same production line as all UK cars but simply entered the country through a specialist import dealer rather than Audi UK meaning the first owner saved a couple of thousand quid on the list price - all the rage back then). This doesn't affect insurance as it is a UK car. Some spec detailed below -


2002 BAM (stage 1 remapped)

125k miles

Black leather heated Recaros

Rare air con AND sunroof model

Rare split rear seats with 3 headrests and 3x3 point seatbelts (not very exciting but rare nonetheless!)

Bose system



When the car was purchased I was a technician at Audi and so carried out all of the maintenance work myself. There is no proof of the remap but as I worked on and drove these cars every day it is most certainly quicker than standard and the stronger forge recirc valve allied the claim. Anyway, I used the car daily for the next 5 years and then as it started to need work, parked it in my garage with the intention carrying out all of the work which of course I never got around to. As I worked at Audi, I began to accrue some of the required parts which will come with the car


In the interest of complete honesty, the below is a list of the mechanical work that I know/ can remember the car needs


ABS speed sensor (I have the genuine replacement part to go with the car)

Inner and outer CV boot (I have the genuine outer CV boot to go with the car)

Snapped rear spring (I have a second hand spring to go with the car)

*Possible snapped other rear spring (Not confirmed - just based on how the ride height looks)

Tyre condition requires checking (at least needs one)

Front anti roll bar is knocking

Obviously being off the road for sometime the car would benefit from a service and a cambelt change based on age.


Bodywork wise there is the usual rust bubbles coming through on the front wings and the rear number plate plinth, roof rails are rust free. The car does run and drive fine but would need towing away due to the issues above.


To go with the sale, I also have a set of TTRS four pot front calipers and discs (discs will need running on a lathe) if I get the price I want.


The car is based in Manchester and is available to view any evening this week.


Price is £1500 ono. I found it difficult to price as there arent many around in this condition to compare but seeing as there are loads of road worthy examples with bubbling wings going for £2.5-3k I feel this is a fair price.


Any questions, let me know.



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I viewed a Nogaro blue car with blue alcantara interior earlier this year that was in much worse condition than yours (a breaker really TBH) and they were asking a grand for it, roof rusty, alcantara filthy and bobbled and it needed a gearbox too - the reason it was parked up in he first place so your price seems OK.


Is it just the one wing that's rusty?

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Yeah it's a tough one with these cars. They all either seem to be really tidy or breakers, none in the middle like mine. It's both wings but nothing at all on the roof rails which most seem to suffer from. Major job to replace the gearbox on these so even a grand might be a little on the high side for that one. Luckily mine needs nothing major, just smaller jobs to make it a nice car. Wish I had the space to keep it as it's a crying shame to let a car with so much spec go for so little but the corrado occupies my garage now so needs must!

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The problem is once you've done the timing belt and known bits and bobs as well as disks and a calliper or two, you're at £3K and you could have bought an MOTd car for similar money and just drove it away. They've bottomed out price wise, but I cant see them increasing in value for 5 or so years (once the rot boxes have all been broken).


I nearly bought a new one in 2001 and its an itch I'd like to scratch, but I've always wanted one in Nogaro blue.



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