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SOLD - Corrado VR6, 1996, 85k miles

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Volkswagen Corrado 2.9 VR6


Black Magic Pearl


1996, N Reg


Genuine low mileage 85,654


8 month MOT & recent service


£3,250 ono


Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire




Reluctant sale of my Corrado VR6 that I have owned the car for the last 3 years and used mainly at weekends for pleasure. I have always wanted a Corrado and spent a long time looking for a solid, low mileage, late spec example that I could enjoy driving and as a little project. The car has very low mileage for the year due to being previously owned by an elderly gentlemen from 2002 to 2014 who kept the vehicle off the road in a garage, therefore the car did no mileage for 12 years. When the owner died the car was brought back in to use and sold to the previous owner who ran it for a year and then sold it to me due to immigrating to France.




The car has all the MOT’s from 2001 to present verifying the low mileage. I have the original leather owners wallet with all the manuals however unfortunately the service book was lost when the elderly owner died therefore this is missing. I have acquired a new original service book to and this has been fully stamped to prove the annual service's while in my ownership. A car vehicle history check confirms that the car has a clear history.




The car is a great example of an appreciating classic that has a really superb engine that sounds and drives great, no rattles or bangs. I have fitted a BMC Carbon air filter that gives an amazing roar from the VR6, however I also have the original air box with K&N panel filter if you would prefer a quieter engine. The car has never let me down and is smooth on tick over, with excellent smooth power through the gears. The car retains the original standard appearance with original speedline alloys that have been recently refurbished, all with good tyre's, fronts being continental sport contacts . A set of lowering springs have been previously fitted to the car which give a small drop in ride height which looks perfect in my opinion and benefits from better stiffer handling without effecting the ride. The brakes are in good condition with a recent set of replacement Brembo front pads and full set of rear Bosch discs and pads, along with replacement brake fluid. At the MOT the tester advised that the brake lines would benefit from replacement and the the wheel bearings had slight play. My mechanic adjusted the bearings and cleaned/greased the brake lines as part of the service. The electric spoiler works as it should and goes up and down automatically at 50mph or via the switch.




While in my ownership I have had the car serviced every year using Volkswagen oil filters and Quantum Synta Silver Oil with invoices to prove. I have also fitted a new Volkswagen thermostat and replaced the coolant with the correct Volkswagen G13 spec. All the spark plugs have been replaced with original Volkswagen parts and the HT leads have been upgraded with Magnecor insulated parts. The previous owner fitted a new clutch therefore this does not need replacing.




The interior is in great condition with clean cloth seats with no tears or signs of wear. Carpets are excellent with replacement overmats. The heater works on all 4 settings and gets nice and warm. Electric windows, mirrors, rear heated screen all work well, as does the MFA computer and dashboard. ABS light doesn't come on. The electric sunroofworks smoothly up and down and retracting back. Headlining is in good condition as are the door panels. The rear seat also includes the original emergency triangle and boot includes a space saver and jack. The central locking is currently not working but the door locks work via the key or the internal pull. Unfortunately I currently only have 1 key for the car.




The exterior of the car polishes up well being black magic pearl, which is quite a rare colour for the corrado and has been regularly washed and waxed with autoglym products. The underside and cills are in excellent order with no signs of rust. The bodywork does need some attention as it has some marks to the front bumper and has a ding to the rear bumper caused by my father in law reversing his trailer in to it at slow speed. Front wings also have a few marks, the rear quarter panel has some lacquer peel and 50p size above the rear window. Overall the bodywork looks presentable however I would suggest that the car would benefit from a full /part respray to make perfect.




I am a Volkswagen enthusiast and have owned various Golf GTI’s and other Volkswagens and the Corrado has been one of my favourites so I will be sad to see it go but I need to raise funds to renovate my house. This is a really nice late spec Corrado that is a really solid example and great investment. I have tried to be as honest as I can about condition and have priced the car based on its mileage and overall condition.




Let me know if you are interested or need anymore photos














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Such a tempting car, especially as I'm in Sheffield. I thought this had sold on the VR6 forum.

Someone buy it quick, preferably not a trader


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No it’s not sold, I made an error when listing on VR6 forum and accidentally pressed the sold button! Doh! So relisted it again straight after.


Thanks for the comments, don’t want to sell it really. Was planning on keeping it forever but need to pay to finish my house ☹️

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Who fitted first series fog/indicator units in place of the (IMO) better looking 2nd series ones?

Not a dig, just curious.

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In Europe they went all the way to 96’ production years on Corrados?

Here in the states it’s primarily 94’ but I know the 95’s were generally Canadian ordered cars. Not sure if we naturally got 95s in the states, but if we did it was a very limited number.

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