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Corrado Vr6 Ignition/ HT lead holder

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I have a set of original corrado HT/Ignition Lead holder.


Condition is very vert good, I understand these are now getting very rare and sold out on most sites. Clips intact


Part numbers:


021 133 919 A

021 133 917

021 133 918


no bolts but i'm sure these are more readily available.


If you PM me your number I can send across pics.


Not sure what these are worth so just putting a price of £100, feel free to make an offer.

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Yes as stated above all 3 items are available on Ebay from VW Parts International, think they're based in Lincolnshire.



I've also checked on VW Classic Parts site, there's only the one plastic HT guide piece available now from them.


Shouldered nut

021 133 915B still available


Front plastic HT guide piece

021 133 917 Obsolete

(was available last year)


Rear plastic HT guide piece

021 133 918 still available


Side plastic HT guide,

fits above distributor / coil pack

021 133 919B Obsolete

(was available last year)




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