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three hole/2 hole manifold plate

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Some years ago I fitted a SS 6 Branch manifold to my VR6. Catastrophic failure of the manifold recently which my local Longlife did a good job of welding in situ. However, I am still getting exhaust fumes drifting up into the car and the tickover is lumpy when warm. I surmise that although the welding has made the car drive-able the leak is upsetting the lambda sensor and I am considering going back to the original manifold setup. My problem is that when the original 6 branch was fitted it came with a 3 hole to 2 hole conversion plate, subsequently I have had a new SS exhaust fitted and both of the new fittings are 2 hole Forlorn hope really, does anyone have a conversion plate in the bottom of a drawer somewhere? or know where I can get one?

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