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Corrado G60 - Vacuum Line Help

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Hello, after doing some more work on the car, cleaned up the engine bay a bit. Replaced a load of the supercharger piping etc... All in all just gave it a major spruce up for when my ECUs get back.

However i came across some problems, namely vacuum lines, now I know that this is the source of most of my problems, given that they seem to have all been changed around. However I was wondering if people had any idea what was going with the fuel line, and well everything else.

Im unable to post in other areas of the forum so apologies if this is the wrong area but this is the only area I can actually post in


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Managed to get an answer, most of my issues are down to the One Way Valve needing to be replaced (As it is broken) and the Vacuum to the Firewall is actually for Boost Readings on the MFA. Open to more help and advice though as always.

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