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Continental Airlines Reservations process

1. Link up on the official portal of Continental airlines.
2. Set the arrival and departure date and destination.
3. Further, copy one of your desired flights and tick marks according to the wallet you have saved.
4. Also the line up the number of passengers going to take the journey along with you.
5. Refresh the payment field and by submitting the card as well as a cardholder.
6. Hit on the icon indicating the "Purchase" to accomplish the entire process
7. End this by declaring the seat confirmation
8. Save it and have a cup of coffee when the process ends.

Continental airlines reservations by mobile application

Continental Air Mobile application
Download the Continental mobile application to access all the functions of the official Continental portal. Here you can order a flight ticket, check the flight status, do a web check and download the boarding pass to transfer it to mobile.

Why Continental Airlines Reservations?

If person is planning to travel through Continental air then he can check out the offers and deals with that given here also Continental live chat is available. This information can be obtained by calling at the Continental airlines reservations online.

Continental Airlines Onboard Amenities

Continental airline tickets cost lesser than most of the air carriers.
With mostly direct flights and all-jet service, Continental airline flights offer hassle less experience.
The all-coach configuration of Continental Air presents passengers with comfortable leather seats.
The air carrier offers refreshing drinks and delicious snacks (on select flights) for purchase.

Now, when the process ends, you can quietly make changes via the manage booking process. Available for 24 by 7, the executives prepare a one-stop solution whenever you require in making a booking of your flight. Keep your queries ready and quickly receive the assistance in return. Continental airlines phone number frames every process you are need of. Whether you require in-flight service or before departing, everything is constant in gifting you a safe journey.

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