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complain about/report builders

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We've had a conservatory/hybrid orangery recently on the back of the house.  Sadly the company is perhaps the worst i've dealt with for many reasons, not least to charge us in advance for something they didnt do (fit acco drains around the build). Plumbing - well ive got pics and had to get our plumber to rectify at our cost.

Whats the best way to complain, report them and get our money plus compensation?  I'm looking to go down the section 75 route, but it seems this comes just from he credit card company - seems strange, the suppliers should pay for this surely?


Welcome any suggestions and more than happy to share the company name if you want to avoid them!.  They're based in Birmingham, and apparently had 39 'good reviews' - which may or may not be genuine, but which convinced us to make the mistake of employing them.

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