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Went to see ebay car (not corrado)

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Saw what looked to be a nice yaris last week, 5 door t sport, just as i was looking for, for my son. Description said 'you wont find better' and to be fair it looked very nice in the pics.

Took some tools, a mirror and rags just to ensure everything was pukka. Well, within 30 seconds i thought i was looking at the wrong car. Didnt even need to take my tools out to check anything. 

Hopeless is an understatement. Engine bay was terrible, bumpers weren't lining up, rust in rear wheel arches with a dodgy patch up repair, faded and cracked paint, cabin was not clean, and then some black/blue smoke as he drove off. I could list loads of issues but it would just be tedious reading. 

I just find it a shame when sellers are less than honest with descriptions..

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