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Never mind audioscape

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Noticed this company In Germany and apparently they use to make Corrado complete door cards which in German is door boards. 

Bet they was quality but cant find a picture but seen them mentioned on Mk2 and corrado german forums. 

Still making from the Mk3 golf. 


Picture of the Mk3 ones on link below. 


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4 hours ago, fendervg said:

Look nicely made - I wonder if they still have the Corrado molds and drawings?

Im not sure mate It would be great to see a picture of one. There are some xt recaro for sale In Germany  and the seller says has mk2 of this brand that's is how I stumbled upon it - could be audioscape is the Leyland Daf -Jehnert Mercedes- A bit like the Astra Jab I would of liked the Merc but got the rascal ha. 

Some audi 80 ones here - get some tunes watts out of that small disco. 


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