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Anyone experience with Mechatronics and basic-settings in vcds?

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I just did a go at trying to repair a mechatronics unit for a friend, by replacing the pressure compensator part, put it back on the car, and was going to go thru a "basic setting" procedure with VCDS, I eventually got passed the first part, where it gets the code 4 | 0 | 0, and start the car, it should then eventually go to 254 | 0 | 0 to confirm it succeeded, but it jumps directly to 5 | 0 | 0 .


I noticed I got an error of 5'th gear not selectable, but was able to clear this error to it seems, anyone got any idea if there is any danger in trying to engage the gears even if this procedure doesn't seem to go all through....

Any tips and tricks would be appreciated.


This is on a VW Passat 1.4 tsi, with a 7 speed DSG.



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