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Various G60/16V Parts for Sale

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Hi All,

Trying to clear some space so emptied some boxes, parts below to go - ive tried to gauge price but its not easy; let me know if im miles off. Thx

Prices + P&P, can supply photos if required - just let me know

Lowring Springs 35/40mm    Circa 3k mi, paint peeling - can pcoat     £25.00

G60 Air Box Top    535 129 607A    £30.00

K&N Panel filter for G60/16v with recharge kit        £30.00

16V Radiator, Cowl and Fan (2k mi, 5yrs old)    OEM Equiv rad    £125.00

16v / G60 Rear Engine Mount    357 199 354    £30.00

OEM Front Shocks (Monroe)        £40.00

16V Inlet Manifold Lower Section        £35.00

G60 Charger Belt Tensioner        £40.00

Shifter Bracket    357 711 789 B    £10.00

VR6 Front Engine Mount    1H0 199 273D    £40.00

16V PSteering Reservoir with bracket    191 422 371 C, 535 422 845    £30.00

16V PSteering Reservoir  Polished Stainless Cover     Custom    £20.00

Debadged 3Bar Grill        £25.00

16V Caliper Carrier        £25.00

Early Arch liner (Driver Side)        £10.00

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Hi mate, 

I'm interested in 

Power Steering Pump Bracket (if no cracks on the mounting points assume not!) 

280mm Brembo Max Discs and G60 Brembo Pads 

I'll PM ya


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